26 Emojis Parents Really Need

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Image Source: Thinkstock

Sometimes an emoji just says it better. In a world of busy, busy, busy, that little heart-eye-smiley-face can easily convey all your emotions, with just the press of a key. But for us moms, the right ones just aren’t there.

So, I devised a list of “Mom emojis” that would make our lives a lot easier. We don’t have time to type in baby, hysterical meltdown face, woman crossing arms, and skull every time we want someone to know we’re dealing with a tantrum, people!

Since we’re doing the world a favor and raising it’s next generation of habitants, think y’all could do us a solid and make these emojis happen, please?

1. Breastfeeding Leakage (shirt with stain on it)

If you’ve ever breastfed, you know this horrifying moment all too well. You are out in public, and unbeknownst to you, a small flood has appeared on your shirt. It happens to us all. Wouldn’t this moment be better communicated in an emoji to our best Mommy friends? I thought so too.

2. Crayons

Why is there no crayon emoji? WHY WHY WHY?! It could communicate so very much! We are coloring, my kid is the best artist in the world, or the kids just colored on the walls. You get the idea.

3. Sleeping Baby 

Friend trying to call you? Shhhh … sleeping baby!!!!!

4. Screaming Baby 

This one goes kind of hand in hand with the sleeping child. Instead of leave me alone though, it really means GET HERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I need back up!

5. Wildflower (dandelion) 

Why yes I did just get a handful of dandelions from my child, and they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever received thank you very much.

6. Tantrum (child on floor with fists raised) 

I need this emoji at least once a day. *sigh

7. Timeout (child’s back, sitting on stool) 

Oh yeah. This emoji would feel SO GOOD to send to my husband while he is at work. I would light up his phone like a Christmas tree!

8. Scraped Knee (Band aid) 

Moms are the best with boo boos, and bandaids make everything better.

9. Glass(es) of Wine 

Ok, so I think this emoji is already around. But let’s be realistic — what mom stops at just one glass?

10. Starbucks Cup 

Really. I think Starbucks might need its own separate list of emojis. Tall skinny cap, pumpkin spice latte, mocha. I would use them all.

11. Puke 

So much. Just so much puke everywhere. I don’t even know how I would make this emoji so it doesn’t look gross, but it needs to exist.

12. Diaper Change (soggy diaper) 

Can’t talk, in the middle of something. 

13. Poosplosion (pooh up back) 

There are no words. But there could be emojis.

14. Wagon (little red wagon) 

Just pulling the kids on my wagon to the beach!

15. Stroller 

Just going for a walk!

16. Double Stroller 

Just going for a walk with BOTH of my kids.

17. Double Stroller (with another kid hanging off the back) 

Life keeps getting more interesting.

18. Zombie Mom 

Don’t even talk to me.

19. Frazzled Hair Woman 

AKA — what I look like on a regular day basis. With my hair probably in a bun.

20. Laundry 

So much laundry, always so much laundry.

21. Dishes 

I can’t talk right now, nor can I really text emojis. My hands are soaking wet. Hey, I wonder if I can voice recognize an emoji?

22. Minivan with Soccer Ball 

At the game!

23. Big Hand Holding Little Hand

Life doesn’t get better than this.

24. Stroller Wars (2 strollers going head to head) 

OMG, I just got in the BIGGEST FIGHT with this breastfeeding/bottle feeding/working/SAH Mom!!!!

25. Kid on a Leash

Can’t talk. My kid is currently on a leash running through the airport. I am that Mom.

26. Baby Wrap 

I can text emojis as long as my heart desires, I am hands free — my kid is in a baby wrap. Woop woop. I am winning at life!

I mean, these are just the tip of the iceberg!!! I swear I could keep going. Not only would these “mom-ojis” it add another level of hilarity to my texts, but imagine the Instagram feeds! So please, if the world is fair and good — can we make this happen? Pretty, pretty please with an emoji cherry on top?

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