These 5-Year-Old Girls Have the Best Dating Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Five-year-old girls are their own breed. Confident and filled with seemingly endless opinions, they have an answer for everything. Including some pretty solid relationship advice, as evidenced by this video from Cosmopolitan where they answer one millennial woman’s biggest questions on modern dating.

From ghosting to selfies to late-night texts, these girls prove they’re modern ladies with their priorities in order. For instance, they believe: it’s totally acceptable for a girl to ask a guy out on a date, that if a guy texts you late at night it’s probably because he likes you, and that pizza fixes everything.

And one of the little girls gives what is possibly the single best piece of dating advice ever on how to handle a man who doesn’t respond after a first date. Just ask him to “go to the pizza store.”

“Who doesn’t like pizza?” the teeny Dr. Phil asks.

See? Geniuses.

So the next time you’re all twisted up in knots over your love life, save yourself some time and money, and just find the nearest 5-year-old girl. She’ll set you straight in no time.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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