6 Nursing Moms Share Their At-Work Pumping Signs

What’s your style? Something understated, like a simple “privacy please” or  something more in-your-face with, say, a picture of a cow?

I’m talking, of course, about the signs nursing mothers use at the office to indicate that no one — save, perhaps, a hungry baby — should be entering the room while they’re pumping.

If you don’t have a sign or are unhappy with your existing one, check out some of these real signs from working moms who really know how to express themselves …

Also, if your sign only says “Ladies” — as in the sign on the door to the restroom where you’re forced to pump — don’t despair. The Affordable Care Act has been requiring companies with more than fifty employees to provide clean, private spaces (that aren’t in bathrooms!) for nursing moms to express milk since 2010. Consider enlightening your boss if he or she isn’t aware of your federal right!

DO Have a Cow 1 of 6
Jessica Schue of Tempe, Arizona, makes sure that co-workers hoof right past her door while she's doing her dairy duty.
Be Explicit 2 of 6
A drawing of an actual pump, along with a few other pictures — including, of course, a cow — ensures that everyone working with Andrea Masoner Tidwell, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, knows exactly what's going on behind closed doors.

Fist pump drawing originally created by Kristy Omelianuk of Onto Motherhood.
Bottle It Up 3 of 6
Courtney Mueller-College, of Columbus, Ohio, didn't have to put work into her charming sign — it's actually a magnet provided by her own human resources department.
Think Pink 4 of 6
What this sign lacks in humor, it makes up for in color. This sign, provided to Heather of Clarkston, Michigan, by her HR department, can be flipped over to display the exact days and times that the room is reserved. It advises employees to use other meeting spaces, "so there are no excuses," Heather says.
Enjoy Your Stay ... 5 of 6
An old hotel staple is put to new use in Alex R.'s Concord, New Hampshire office. The sign was passed on to Alex by a colleague who used it during her time as a nursing mom.
A Shady Getaway 6 of 6
Sometimes, words only get in the way. Ashleigh Wisniewski of Pittsburgh says her boss thoughtfully taped this privacy shade over a door window so Ashleigh could get her pumping done in peace. Whatever works!


All images used with permission of moms cited in the slideshow.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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