6 Video Clips You Need to Get of Your Toddler This Year

483878645You probably already have video clips of your toddler’s birthday party and some early milestones like laughing, walking and speaking some first words. But there are plenty of other moments that will one day be classics that you should be sure to capture now.

Here are some that should be on your must-have shot list this year:

1. That amazing greeting of squeals and hugs they bombard you with when they haven’t seen you for a few hours.

When I come home from work both of my toddler daughters race to me with puppy enthusiasm. I’m keeping my video clip to replay for them when they are teenagers and they can barely muster a polite ‘hello’. “This is how you used to greet me. You trained me to feel like a celebrity in this house. Now who wants a piggy back ride to the sofa for tickle time?!”

2. Them eating … anything.

It’s fascinating to watch toddlers eat. From their sometimes unsuccessful attempts to simply get the food into their mouths, to their finicky way of arranging their food. Right now, my daughter Clementine deconstructs all of her sandwiches and puts the contents in neat little piles. Then she systemically eats each pile and then the bread. I’ve got to capture that moment soon.

3. Running far and free.

It could be at the beach, or across a field, in the woods or outside just after a fresh coat of snow. Something about the carefree, full-throttle sprint of glee that a toddler makes is unique to their age and worth capturing.

4. Rolling around in the sun.

Similar to #3, the aim is to record the worry-free joy of being a toddler. Additionally, the comical nature of toddlers tumbling, rolling and trying to coordinate all of their body and limbs is worth saving. One of my toddlers can do multiple somersaults in a row while the other puts her head down and waves one leg in the air again and again. I want to save and view these moments for years to come.

5. Saying — or trying to say — a big word.

Maybe it’s a long family name, or the tongue-twisting breed name of the family dog? Think of a big word and film your toddler trying to say it. You can do several of these over the next year and then keep only the best ones. My daughter recently saw an episode of Sesame Street and became fixated on the word of the day: “humongous.” We happened to go to the Children’s Museum that day and everything was “humongous.” I got the best video clips of her saying it again and again that day.

6. Sibling love.

Any hugging, kissing, holding or helping behaviors between siblings are priceless not just to you but will also be to them as they grow up. You could also try capturing some sibling squabbles as well (if you can tolerate not interceding!).  Sometimes the demands toddlers put on their brother or sister can be so ridiculous that a clip could take on a life of its own!

And one final tip on all of the above: Take short video clips — 15-30 seconds at a time — rather than long ones. Brief clips hold our attention better and seem that much more special. Happy filming!

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