7 Things I’ve Lost My Mind Over So Far This Summer

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Oh, summer. The three months that you look forward to all year long because you get uninterrupted time with your children, only to realize when the time comes that it’s much different than the fantasy you came up with in your mind.

I’m currently listening to the screams of all three of my children because one won’t give up her pillow. The pillow they are using as a landing pad for jumping off of the couch. It’s been an exciting morning so far — and it’s not even 8:00 yet.

This pretty much sums up every morning this summer. Rather than rushing around trying to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door for school, they’re still in their pajamas getting that quality time together that usually ends in some sort of sibling argument.

So yes, I have complicated feelings towards the arrival of summer and the havoc it wreaks on my family. Specifically, these 7 season-specific issues:

1. The sand.

So much sand! I can’t go anywhere in my house or my car without finding sand. I’ve used the baby powder and sand trick, but somehow still manage to track it everywhere.

2. “I’m bored.”

If I hear this phrase one more time, I may scream. I’ve taken them to the beach, raspberry picking, the splash park — you name it, we’ve been there. But no matter what we do or where we go, I’ll still hear the phrase. Whatever happened to the days of just going outside and playing in the backyard with the neighbors? That’s what I did all summer long and I remember having the time of my life. Can’t we just go back to those days?

3. The delayed bedtime.

Part of this is my fault, but when I gave them a little bit of extra time at night because it’s summer, they wanted to take hours. Now our bedtime routine is completely thrown off and all of that hard work I’ve done for years of getting in a great routine and into bed has gone completely out the window.

4. So many dirty clothes.

With my kids home all day, they feel the need to go through three outfits in one day which leads to me doing laundry more than I’d like. I don’t like doing laundry in the first place, so having it tripled for three months makes me crazy.

5. “I’m hungry.”

I get that my kids need to eat. I love food as much as they do, but since when did their stomachs become bottomless? They’re constantly telling me they are hungry. Five minutes after I’ve just fed them! I’ve gone through so much food this summer and have had to double my food inventory in the house because they are eating so much!

6. “How much longer?”

How much longer until we get there? How much longer until swim camp? How much longer until we leave for the beach? How much longer until vacation? How much longer until it’s time for lunch? You know what, I have one myself — how much longer until they can just live in the present and stop asking for the next activity?

7. The fireworks.

You know that sound you hear right as you put the kids to bed each night? The sound of fireworks even though there is no holiday to celebrate? I get setting them off for a couple of nights during the Fourth of July weekend, but that’s long gone now and you should have gotten it all out of your system then. Please don’t disrupt my children’s sleep because you want to see some flashes of light in the air for a couple of seconds.

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