7 Things That Never Changed When I Became a Mom

Image Source: Lauren Jimeson
Image Source: Lauren Jimeson

When I had a baby, my life changed. The world that revolved around me for 25 years suddenly didn’t anymore, and I was left learning how to find my way in this new life of mine.

But even with my world turned upside down, there were many things that stayed the same. I am so grateful for these 7 things in my life that remained constant, because they helped me maintain some sort of normalcy and keep in touch with the woman I was before kids.

1. My love of sleep

I loved sleep before I had kids, and I probably love it even more now. I never knew how precious my zzz’s were until I had a baby and couldn’t get some shut eye on my own terms anymore. Now that all three kids are sleeping through the night on a more regular basis, I can rest up when I need to. Although now the meaning of “sleeping in” has changed from noon to 7 AM.

2. Me time

Before having children, there were a lot of things I enjoyed doing on my own, like reading, exercising, or just enjoying a day laying in bed watching movies. I still continue to enjoy time for myself, and try to get some as much as possible. However, me time now looks a lot less like endless relaxation and a lot more like trips to the grocery store, enjoying an uninterrupted shower, driving with no one else in the car, or the ultimate luxury of getting to eat a hot meal alone.

3. Being social 

Friends and family have always been important to me. Many of my relationships changed when I had a baby, mainly because I was the first out of all of my friends to have one. While my peers were out and about, I was home taking care of a little one. Although we didn’t get to see each other or speak as much, they helped me out so much when I was in need of some adult conversation. Now that many of my friends have children as well, they’re the ones I can go to when I need advice or to vent. Our relationships have evolved from those college days, but my need for their friendship has not.

4. My love of wine

Wine is and has always been my drink of choice after a long hard day. While those days didn’t come that often before kids, now they come every 24 hours. A glass of wine just helps me relax a little after putting the kids to bed; it’s my reward at the end of the day. I still love wine just as much as I did before kids, now I just have more of an excuse to drink it daily.

5. Traveling

Traveling has always been one of my passions. I love exploring and seeing different places around the country and the world. When we had kids, we knew that wasn’t going to deter us from traveling, and it hasn’t. We were on a plane when my oldest was only a month old and haven’t looked back since. While it’s not as easy or as relaxing as it once was, my passion for seeing different places hasn’t gone away. My joy is only increased by seeing the look on my children’s faces as they see these places for the first time.

6. The need for my own parents

My parents and I have always been close. Since the day I moved away for college, I’ve spoken with them on the phone every single day. I still continue to do so. Their relationship means to much to me. We’re probably even closer now that I have children because we can relate to one another on a different level than before.

7. Coffee first thing in the morning

I’ve always loved coffee and it’s the first thing I need when I wake up in the morning. I truly think I can’t function until I’ve had my mandatory cup of joe. I’ve never been much of a morning person and with my kids waking me up much earlier than I’d like, coffee is the one thing that can help give me a little push to start my day.

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