7-Year-Old Writes Hilarious (and Slightly Brutal) Break-Up Note to Mom

Breaking up is hard to do — unless you’re 7-year-old Eva and in that case, it’s actually pretty easy.

In a note posted to Reddit by Eva’s mom, the precocious little girl tells her mom that while it’s great of her mom to let her watch T.V. with her, she will soon have to “move on.” (Likely to a place with unlimited streaming capabilities and a comfier couch, one would assume.)

In case you can’t quite make it out, the note reads:

I love you mommy becuse you let me wacth t.v. It’s ben nice with you but soon I will have to move on I will call you You are the best mom Ever! 

Happy brithday! 

Love Eva

So while Eva’s mom is allegedly the “best mom Ever,” she’s clearly not quite good enough for the long-haul. Makes you wonder what kind of scale she’s grading on, huh?

The post currently has over 880k views, with amused fans everywhere commenting that the mom should frame the note and keep it for when Eva moves out (a plan we could really get on board with).

Other readers and fellow parents could relate to the “runaway threat” and offered stories of their own:

My son “quit this house” the other day. Maybe this is just her resignstion. — powersquash

When my son was 9 he announced he was half way to moving out. He’s 18 next month, college in the fall; it’s all coming true!! — startedANewOne

Reminds me of my 7 year old self, for what ever reason I wanted to stay with my uncle, but knowing I’d be an asset I tried getting him to buy me, of course the money would go to me and not my parents. In the end he agreed to pay me with a small chocolatemilk, I stayed with him for a couple of days before going home again. — kill_all_mosquitos

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s not you, it’s us. This post is just not working out and we’re going to have to break things off. You’ve been great, but we’ll be packing up our laptops and signing off now.


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h/t: Mashable

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