8-Month-Old Rocks Out as One-Man Band in Dad’s Music Video

At 8 months old, our babies were just learning to pull themselves up to a standing position. They were starting to crawl and putting anything and everything they came across into their mouths. They were certainly not mastering the drums. Or the guitar. Or the piano.

But then again, we did not give birth to little Jonah Penna, the star of the YouTube video “Baby Band” who can “play” everything from the tambourine to a mini-piano. Jonah is son to YouTuber Joe Penna (a.k.a. MysteryGuitarMan), the L.A.-based, Brazilian filmmaker known for his unique videos that employ stop-motion and animation (and of course, some serious guitar skills). With over 2.8 million subscribers, he’s one talented dad with quite a huge following.

And OK, so Jonah is not really playing all (or any) of those instruments. But it’s pretty gosh darn cute to watch, no?

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