8 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

A Round of Golf 1 of 9
For the golf lover, what's better than the gift of playing 18 holes on Father's Day? Dads often enjoy heading out on the golf course for many reasons: time with the guys, being outdoors, and five hours of doing nothing but perfecting their swing. And why not throw in some golf equipment and gadgets? From club headcovers to bag tripods to a good old box of balls, there are a plethora of golf accessories.
For the Sports Fan 2 of 9
If he's an all-around sports fan, give him an experience such season tickets to his favorite game. Or for another gift that keeps on giving, sign him up for a subscription to a magazine such as Sports Illustrated or Men's Journal. You can even wrap up the latest issue that's on the newsstand, complete with a card letting him know about the subscription.
Tools 3 of 9
For your favorite handy man, do a quick inspection of his toolbox, mentally scan the items it contains, then head to your local home improvement store. Is there a project you've been secretly envisioning? Describe it to a staff member and ask what kind of tools it requires. Whether a staple gun or ratchet set, drill bits, or toggle bolts, it's a good bet at least something needed for the job won't be part of the current inventory.
A Tie 4 of 9
No, seriously. The joke about getting yet another tie on Father's Day isn't quite accurate. It's getting yet another bad tie that so many men dread. A tie can't be bought in isolation; it needs to complement the shirt it's placed with, and, ideally, the entire outfit. When your guy is out, grab one of his suits from the closet. Take it to a decent men's store and tell the salesman that you'd like a shirt and tie to match.
Creature Comforts 5 of 9
Is your man a creature of habit? Then give him a handful of high-quality white or gray cotton T-shirts, comfy sweats to wear on Saturday mornings, or a few pairs of boxer-briefs. Speak to his comfort needs! Even a four-pack of white athletic socks may thrill him, because they're basic, practical, and, moreover, they communicate that you understand how intense his weekly pick-up games are.
A Homemade Present 6 of 9
If Dad has expressed that he doesn't want anyone to spend any money on him for Father's Day, try an alternative: come up with a gift that's homemade—ideally involving the participation of your kids. There are all kinds of no-cost things you can do for Dad, from treating him to a special breakfast to planning a family hike and picnic.
Free Time 7 of 9
Asked what they'd value most on Father's Day, a great number of dads will give the same answer as their partners: some time to crash and do nothing. Few dads would make the assertion that their jobs are harder than Mom's, but this doesn't mean they aren't likewise bone-tired at the end of the day. A chunk of time in which to simply chill out is, to many dads, the best gift of all.
Flowers 8 of 9
Don't think your man would appreciate flowers as an expression of your love and adoration? Maybe that's because you've never tried them. Flowers carry the elements of both surprise and pleasure when presented to men. They aren’t just limited to the ladies!
Bonus: Sex 9 of 9
Let's just come out and say it: No man is going to reject a little extra special loving—especially when married life and endless adult responsibilities make intimacy, in general, less frequent than the days pre-kids. There are gifts that might be more practical, but few that will be more welcome.
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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