8 Thoughts Every Parent Has While Clothes Shopping with Kids

Image Source: Lauren Jimeson
Image Source: Lauren Jimeson

A couple of weeks ago, I told my 5-year-old daughter that I wanted her to come with me to go to the store. She’s at the age where she loves to shop, so I knew that this trip would be an extra special treat for her. I mentioned to her before our trip that I just needed to return something at the store, look for a few things for myself, and then we were headed home.

“Is there a kids section in the store?” she asked.

“There is,” I responded.

“Can I look? I know I won’t get anything, but I just want to look.” she asked.

“Of course!” I responded cheerfully, not realizing the can of worms I was opening.

We got to the store and right before getting in she told me she couldn’t wait to look at clothes, but assured me she knew she wasn’t getting anything. She let me knock the things off of my t0-do list before we headed upstairs to check out the kids section. Her eyes widened as she saw dresses, skirts, and sparkly shoes. She ran around, looking at different things and telling me how much she liked them. We shopped around for her for just a little bit and then I told her we needed to head home soon. That’s when the drama started. Apparently the mindset of “I know I’m not going to get anything” turned into “Maybe I can just get one thing.”  I said no, tantrums ensued, and you probably know how the rest of it went.

As I left the store, with a very upset daughter, I thought to myself, “Why did I think this was a good idea?”

There’s no denying that clothes shopping is an entirely new ballgame when you go with kids. Regardless of whether or not you are shopping for them or for yourself, it’s challenging and sometimes leaves us shaking our heads wondering what we were thinking.

I asked fellow parents who are have been through it before what thoughts they have had when shopping with their children and I love their responses.

“Too big but it’s on sale. How long until she’ll fit in this? Wait … Where’d she go?!” — Melissa W.

I am a sucker for buying clothes that are too big for my kids but do it anyway because I know they will grow into them. And yes, as soon as you contemplate that thought (or any thought for that matter,) your child has disappeared.

“Will this make it through my three boys as hand-me-downs?” — Andrea B.

As a mom of three, I ask myself this all the time. It’s also how I justify paying more for clothes for my oldest.

“I really hope she doesn’t hide from me in the clothing racks again.” — Megan K.

What is it with clothing racks? It’s like their the ultimate place to hide during every shopping trip.

“Alternating shopping trips:
1) ‘I should have left the kids with someone. Can’t get anything done with them and they’re going crazy bored’
2) ‘I should have brought the kids along. I have no idea what will fit. I am going to have to come back here for exchanges, aren’t I?’
3) ‘I should have left the kids home … ‘” — Chavie A.

This made me laugh out loud because it’s exactly what I ask myself every trip.

“Please don’t flip out before we make it to the register” — Mariana L.

It’s like winning a gold medal when you pay and are leaving the store without anything going wrong. Almost too good to be true.

“Patience is a virtue! And what can I find on clearance, because there is NO WAY I am paying full price for something he will grow out of in a month.” — Heather W.

I learned that the hard way. Spent too much on cute clothes, only to find out the baby wore it once and then never fit in it again.

“Such little fabric for so much money.” — Amelia B.


“Why do I find it easier and more fun to buy clothes for my child rather than myself?” — Chelsea L.

And so much more fun!

“What was I thinking?!?!?!” — Tiffany H.

That’s usually how I leave the trip. Every single time.

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