8 Times Handmade Trumped Store-Bought Gifts in My House

What do you do with those gifts your kids get you for Christmas/your birthday/Mother’s Day that aren’t exactly what you wanted? You proudly display them, of course! The best presents I’ve ever received were homemade ones from my children. The macaroni necklaces, the glitter-painted ornaments, the freshly picked dandelions, the little misspelled notes, and the handprints pressed into clay. The absolute best part about getting a homemade gift from your kids is the smile that lights up their little faces when you exclaim over the present and let them know how much you love it. I could just live on those proud little smiles! Who remembers the sweater or the coffee maker they received that one year? But ask any parent and they can probably tell you about a homemade gift from their kid that they cherish.

As my kids have gotten older, their gifts have changed a little. My oldest three kids have jobs and disposable income now. This past Christmas, I instructed them not to spend their money on me because I have everything I need; I have them. Apparently, my kids share my warped sense of humor. I can honestly say that there is no one in the world who makes me laugh as much as my kids do. We have so much fun together. We laugh at jokes from years ago, and the fact that they are well past their expiration date just makes us laugh even harder. But I digress. Because they’re goofballs with great senses of humor, they have started getting me gifts that reflect that. They got me a Sharknado poster. Yep. They expected me to hide it under my bed somewhere. Nope, I hung it up in the entryway so every single person can see it the minute I open my front door. I’ve had the mailman, a guy selling cleaner, my neighbor, friends, and even a couple Jehovah’s Witnesses see that baby hanging there! Embarrassing? Yes! Funny? Oh yes!

Here are a few of my favorite presents from my kids through the years:

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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