10 High-Tech Parenting Gadgets

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Six years ago, I gave birth to my first child. When we were registering for baby gear, I remember being so impressed that they had monitors that would show you a live-video feed of your child. The only monitors I’d ever seen or used were audio only.

Fast-forward half a decade, and technology has made leaps and bounds in the parenting industry. The gadgets and gizmos that have come to market are beyond anything that I would have ever imagined. They’ve alleviated the mundane everyday parenting tasks, and eased anxiety for those of us that tend to worry about every little thing.

With hundreds of new parenting products that come to market every year, I wanted to highlight just a few that can help make your life as a parent just a little bit easier.

1. Kiinde Twist Feeding System

Image Source: Kiinde

The Kiinde system is one of those clever baby solutions you can’t believe no one thought of sooner — but are so glad they finally did. If you pump, or plan on pumping, this genius little invention is pretty much ideal for collecting and storing your breast milk, as well as feeding your baby. The all-in-one feeding system is compatible with any major breast pump brand (yes, really), and lets you pump milk directly into leak-proof storage pouches so you never waste a drop during the transfer process. It’s also recyclable, so you’re basically giving back to Mother Earth when all is said and done. Need I say more?

Coolest Feature: By far, the fact that it’s compatible with so many breast pumps on the market makes it an even more convenient solution for busy, pumping moms.

Available now for $39

2. 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat

Image Source: 4Moms

Yes, you read that correctly. This state-of-the-art car seat from 4moms installs itself within minutes, using 20 sensors that connect to an app. It can automatically level itself and adjust tension, and even alert you if the seat was installed incorrectly. (In other words: It’s magic.) Considering that four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly, this seat is quite literally a lifesaver. But that’s not all: As your baby grows, the app recommends different positions that work best for your car model. The seat itself accommodates up to 40 lbs., too, so you’ll get way more bang for your buck. (Watch it in action right here.)

Coolest Feature: The whole self-installing part pretty much blows my mind.

Available now for $499

3. Ovatemp Personalized Fertility Tracker

If you’re trying to get pregnant, Ovatemp wants to help. The Ovatemp is a Bluetooh basal thermometer that will help women track their cycles by recording their temperature.

Coolest feature: The thermometer syncs to Ovatemp’s app, which helps you learn how to increase your odds on getting pregnant and naturally improve their fertility.

Available now for $75

4. Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Making a bottle can be time consuming, especially when you have a screaming baby in your arms. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro takes all of the hassle out of that by preparing a bottle with just the press of a button. The canister on top holds powdered formula and the machine brews the water to the perfect temperature. When you press the button, the machine blends the perfect bottle. No shaking required.

Coolest Feature: The machine accommodates all bottle sizes and brands.

Available for $159.99

5. Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

When your child is sick, it’s hard to stay on top of their temperature when you are also trying to do several other things to try to make them feel better. The Kinsa thermometer connects to your phone and not only takes their temperature, but logs it into their app so you can keep a record of your child’s temperature every time you take it.

Coolest Feature: The thermometer syncs to Kinsa’s app so you can track symptoms, keep a list of medications, and even share all of the information with your child’s doctor in an easy way.

Available now for $29.99

6. Pacif-i™

A pacifier that does more than just soothe your baby. The Pacif-i™ takes your baby’s temperature and keeps track of it on their app. Pacif-i™ also has a built-in proximity sensor that allows parents to monitor the pacifier’s location and be alerted when their child wanders off. It’s waterproof and has a battery life of up to one year.

Coolest Feature: Because we know that babies love to hide things around the house, the Pacif-i™ can easily be located by an alarm activated by the app.

Available for $36.00

7. 4moms mamaRoo

The updated version of the 4moms mamaRoo has technology features that allow parents to control the seat from their smartphone! The mamaRoo was designed to move like you do, and has five different motions that are designed to realistically comfort your little one.

Coolest Feature: It has a built-in MP3 players so you can play your baby tunes from your smartphone!

Available now for $219.99

8. MonBaby

Putting your little one to sleep in their own crib can be a nerve-wracking experience for any parent. Keep track of your baby and give yourself some peace of mind with MonBaby. MonBaby is a monitor that tracks your child’s breathing movements, sleep position, and more! All you do is snap the device on your baby’s clothing (just like a button) and it’s connected to the app on your smartphone. MonBaby helps you rest as easy at night — just like your little one!

Coolest Feature: You can customize the alerts that you want to receive. So while MonBaby tracks many things, you can choose to be alerted by all or just some of them.

Available for $169.00

9. Sleep IQ Kid’s Bed

Say goodbye to those nights when kids fight you to go to bed. The Sleep IQ bed lets you adjust the firmness of the bed to your kids liking. It monitors when your kids get out of bed and will send an alert to your phone when they do. The head tilt feature lifts the top of the bed so that you no longer have to prop those pillows under the mattress when they’re feeling sick. And for those who are scared of the dark, the mattress has a nightlight underneath that can easily be turned on and off from your smartphone through the Sleep IQ app.

Coolest Feature: The app has a “monsters detector” so your kids can scan under the bed to make sure that no scary beasts are present.

Available starting at $499

10. Snuza Trio Plus

Give yourself peace of mind at night with the Snuza Trio Plus. This is a three-in-one system that monitors your baby’s movements by being attached to your little one’s diaper. If no movement is detected after 15 seconds, the Sunza Hero will vibrate and then sound an alarm. Combined with the video capabilities of the monitor which shows you the temperature of the room and sets an alarm when the room is out of the comfort zone.

Coolest Feature: The video monitor has a feeding alarm that goes off when it’s time to feed your little one.

Available for $289.99

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