9 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When Your Toddler Is Having a Tantrum

Image Source: Heather Spohr

When a kid throws a tantrum people often wonder, “What are they thinking?” But what people rarely wonder is what the parents are thinking. If they did, they’d find that all parents are pretty much thinking the same things in these stressful moments:

1. “Would I be the worst parent in the world if I offered her candy to cut it out?”

This eventually stops working.

2. “How long is this going to last? Grey’s starts in five minutes.”

I guess I can turn the volume up on the TV.

3. “Man, I wonder what would have to happen to me to make me lose my mind like this.”

It’s probably good cardio, though.

4.  “She’s three. She’s three. She’s three.”

They should call them the Threatening Threes.

5. “I hope our neighbors don’t call the cops.”

“Sorry, Officer … she’s mad because I cut her toast into squares instead of triangles.”

6. “Why does this always happen when I have a cart full of groceries?”

Going through the check out is going to be fun.

7. “Maybe I should tell all these people I’m just the babysitter.” 

This works until they start screaming, “MOMMYYYYYY!!!!”

8. “He’s screaming at me and causing a huge scene, but in five minutes I’M going to have to comfort HIM!”

Ah, parenting.

9. “Bright side: the kid will sleep like a log tonight.”

Unless, of course, there’s a tantrum over bed time …

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