This 90-Year-Old Great-Grandma Has Lovingly Knit 2,000 Hats for Newborns

After I delivered my twins early, a nurse gifted them multi-colored afghans. I was touched — they represented bit of home that our babies couldn’t yet experience until they were strong enough to leave the hospital. Now, nearly eight years later, we still have those blankets and the memories they hold.

90-year-old great-grandmother Barbara Lowe is providing new parents in Ohio with similar memories. About eight years ago, ironically right around the same time my twins were born, Lowe began knitting caps for the newborns at Hillcrest Hospital. “I’m thinking back that the babies who got the hats then are gonna be 8 years old this year … oh my goodness, where’s the time going?” she tells Cleveland 19 News

image source: Hiba Rosace

It all started with her love of knitting. According to Cleveland.com, she has been making caps and blankets for babies in her family. Then one day, a family member who worked at Hillcrest’s maternity ward asked Lowe if she would like to knit caps for the hospital. She was overjoyed.

And so are the families who receive them. Over the years, Lowe has made over 2,000 hats, which are placed on the babies’ heads right after they are born. Not only does this provide the little ones with an adorable accessory but it also keeps their heads warm, which doctors say is particularly important in the moments right after delivery.

“I’m actually giving these babies one of their first presents that they’re going to get, and that makes me feel good,” Lowe tells Cleveland.com.

While many parents receive the hats without knowing their origin, they’re grateful for Lowe’s labor of love. New mom Hiba Rosace recently received two of Lowe’s hats after delivering twin girls at Hillcrest. “We are happy to see Barbara honored because [of] her hard work for all these years, and her passion for newborns in the community shouldn’t go unnoticed,” she tells Babble.

Lowe purchases the yarn and supplies with her own money, but for her this philanthropic act is more than just a hobby. “Age is just a number and you’ve gotta keep busy. You just can’t sit and crawl in a corner. You gotta keep moving. Gotta keep doing,” she tells Cleveland 19. “I don’t know, I just love babies!”

h/t: Cleveland 19 News

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