Mom’s Facebook Post Spurs Good Deed from Cop — at a Hefty Price

“Mom’s Facebook Post Spurs Good Deed from Cop — at a Hefty Price” originally appeared on Yahoo Parenting and was reprinted with permission.

Image Source: KCRA
Image Source: KCRA

Police Chief and father-of-three Aaron Easton strives to perform acts of kindness every day in honor of his wife, who died earlier this year. So when he saw a post online about the Conn family — Tim, Jessica and their three children — who have been homeless and living in the river bottoms of a California county for three years since Tim was laid off, Easton saw an opportunity.

The post on Jessica’s Facebook page reads:

“… tonight my transmission blew up on the 10th street bridge! I’m carless again and with where we have to live at the moment, we desperately NEED a car. I was stressed out on the side of the road and a man came out to see if we were okay and is offering to sell us his extra car for an amazing price of $400! Even going to pay the next year’s tags, smog it, oil change and new battery! Totally awesome deal and so amazing of him! Of course I don’t have that kind of money, but we’re trying to come up with a plan somehow. I just feel so blessed that that he’s willing to do that for us. In the last couple weeks, I have come across some amazing people! So thankful! Hoping and praying something comes through!”

When Easton saw the post, he decided to talk to his children. He knew that buying the car for the Conns meant that his kids would have to give up Christmas presents of their own. “To their credit … I have some great kids and all of them said, ‘Absolutely. Let’s help this family out,’” Easton told NBC affiliate KCRA, in their hometown of Marysville, Calif.

The Conns were awestruck by the Easton family’s generosity. “It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it,” Conn told KCRA. “My wife, when we first met (Aaron), cried on his shoulder. We call him our guardian angel. My kids are my life. And Aaron helped me provide for my kids.“

Easton with the Conn girls before the Christmas parade. | Image Source: Jessica Conn/Facebook
Easton with the Conn girls before the Christmas parade. | Image Source: Jessica Conn/Facebook

Easton even invited the Conn’s two daughters to walk in the Christmas parade with him (pictured above). “They were ecstatic about it,” Conn said, his voice cracking. “They’ve always wanted to be in a parade. They got their wish.”

Jessica shared her feelings in a comment on Facebook:

“Fate stepped in in so many ways that night. From where the transmission blew out, to where the car stopped rolling and that guy offering to sell that car to us for only $400, the chief of police seeing my post. It’s amazing how it all played together! So many sweet people involved in this story!”

As for Easton, he feels that his family gained something from this experience, too. “I think it was a good lesson for my children,” he said. “I was glad they could be a part of it. They could feel a sense of pride that they helped other people out.”

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