This Giant Mattress Might Actually Let Co-Sleeping Parents Rest Without an Elbow to the Face

You guys, I think I’m in love. Thanks to a company called the Ace Collection, which makes super-sized (and super comfy) beds, there’s finally a mattress that’s perfect for co-sleeping, and parents everywhere are rejoicing.

The Ace Collection actually makes three different kinds of super-roomy mattresses, starting with the Ace Size (108″W x 80″L) and the Ace Player Size (80″W x 108″L). But seriously, who cares about those, because OMG, JUST LOOK AT THE ACE FAMILY SIZE!

Image Source: The Ace Collection

This sucker is 144″ wide, people. To put it in perspective, a basic queen is 60″ and a meh king is 76″ wide. Heck, my CAR is 79.1″ wide.

I’m not sure I can stress to you just how much I need this in my life. I’ve been married to my marvelous husband for 13 years, but for the last eight of them there has been at least one (sometimes two) children piled up at a time in our bed.

I’m well aware co-sleeping isn’t for everyone, but if done with safety precautions in mind, it can be a safe and truly wonderful experience that encourages bonding between parents and kids.

During the early years of parenthood, co-sleeping in my house was a pure accident of circumstance. Our first kid spent his first month in the NICU, so when he finally came home we just shut the world out and hunkered down for a few weeks until a routine formed that included co-sleeping. But at the time, our bed was a Full — not exactly a spacious place to snooze.

We eventually upgraded to a Queen, but by then we had another kid who was also co-sleeping with us, so I demanded that we upgrade again.

And now, seeing this pure work of art, I might just put in an upgrade request once more. This bed looks to me to be about a mile wide, which is certainly enough to accommodate all the elbows and upside-down, acrobatic shenanigans that happen in the middle of the night when you let kids crawl into your bed after nightmares or sudden fears of monsters hidden in the closet.

Image Source: The Ace Collection

I could swim in this bed. I could lounge for a lifetime in this bed. But you know what? The more I think of it, it probably wouldn’t matter, because no matter how wide that oasis of memory foam is, my kids would still find a way to wedge their feet into my armpits or use my face as a pillow. That’s just the Murphy’s Law of Parenting, my friends.

If you want to buy one of these luxuriously roomy bed palaces, though, you better brace yourself for a hefty price tag; the Ace Family Size mattress alone will set you back a cool $2,750.

Hmm … on a scale of 1 to This-Mom-Is-So-Dang-Exhausted, how wrong is it that I kind of want this giant slice of heaven all for myself?

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