This Salute to Granny Panties Has Moms Everywhere Saying “Hell, Yeah!”

If you’re a mom, chances are you’ve got a few trusty pairs of granny panties in your drawer. Maybe you’ve buried them behind the sexy stuff, long forgotten and only used in the few weeks post-pregnancy. Maybe they’re at the front — currently your only option, because let’s face it, comfort is everything.

Or maybe you don’t.

Maybe you’re committed to fighting the good fight against those flesh-colored, giant Fruit of the Loom briefs that look like they can cover the state of Texas during a rain storm. And if so, keep on fighting! But if you’re one of the first two, and you don some comfy undies once in a while (or daily), Adrian Wood of Tales of an Educated Debutante says you’re not alone.

In a post shared a couple days ago, the writer and frequent Babble contributor rocks a pair of granny panties in a selfie — with pride. Because she loves her body and all the amazing things it has done throughout her 40+ years on Earth. And the type of underwear she wears does not determine her self worth.

Wood shares with Babble that she was recently getting ready to attend a cocktail party in Washington D.C. with her husband when she became inspired to write what has now become a viral Facebook post in praise of granny panties.

“It’s been quite a long while since I took the time to shower, dress, even [put on] mascara,” Wood shares, “and as I maneuvered into those tight Spanx like underpants, I started laughing.”

She goes on to share that as she pulled on her “giant underpants”, she thought to herself, “how many women just like me are pulling these suckers on? Thinking they wished they were thinner or should exercise more, or looked like the elusive HER?”

And so, a viral post was born.

“Dear Girl in the Giant Underpants,” wrote Wood, “You are awesome. You’ve pushed your body to the limit — swimming, roller skating, sports, gymnastics. Never the very best, but you ran hard and you showed up.”

She says that although we might see other women and wonder, “Why does she look so good?”, in reality, we should look at ourselves with pride — giant underpants and all.

Image Source: Adrian Wood

“You are wonderful and amazing and you rock those giant underpants,” Wood writes. “I mean, you’ve earned wearing them. It’s not just that you’re over 40. Nope, you’ve given birth three times and number four was a c-section. Your body never has bounced back after that, though honestly, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than a smushy tummy.”

This isn’t the first time Adrian Wood has spoken out about loving and appreciating her body: This past summer, Wood went viral after showing off her “beach body” = a body, at the beach, in a bikini with her kids. And we love her for it.

Girlfriends. We have CREATED LIFE. We have pushed out that life. Or had it cut out. And because of that, Adrian says that we are “more than a little bit of pudge” and “more than those giant underpants.”

Image Source: Adrian Wood

Adrian goes on to tell her readers that they are “warriors” so it’s okay if they are tired. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to be comfortable. And if they wear granny panties, they are not alone. Wood tells Babble that if “we all admit our imperfections”, it might make the world a better place. And she’s willing to lead the charge, “even if it demands me showing my big girl underpants.”

Because in the end, what really matters?

“Be the best mama you can be and if it’s running every day, then go for it,” Wood says. “If it’s coffee with cream and sugar, live it up. If it’s climbing the jungle gym, chasing geese and ice cream on the way home, own it. You are enough. You are more than enough. Those giant underpants don’t define you.”

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