Two Little Boys Share an Unbreakable Bond as They Battle Leukemia — Together

When facing an excruciating battle, say an ongoing fight against leukemia, having a best friend to lean on for support can be just as important as all the doctors and medicine.

And 3-year-old Aiden Kramer and 2-year-old Silas Rye can relate.

The pair became best pals at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, where they’ve both been fighting the same rare form of leukemia. To say their friendship has been pivotal in keeping their spirits high would be an understatement.

While Aiden was only recently diagnosed, Silas has been fighting the disease since he was born. At just 2 years old, he’s already been through an unbelievable 17 rounds of chemotherapy.

“It’s been extremely difficult,” Silas’ mom, Sabrina Rye, told CBS Los Angeles. “It’s even harder when you see him get so excited just to take an elevator ride and you just know there’s so much more out there that he deserves.”

The two are nearly inseparable in the time they get in between chemo and labs, taking wagon rides around the hallways of the hospital and joking around with each other.

And while Aiden has been cleared to go home, he still loves to go back to the 4 East wing to play with his best friend. Once a week he comes back to hang out with Silas in the hospital that they’ve turned into their own playground.

“When your son wakes up and says ‘Let’s go to 4 East’ and I’m like ‘Honey, you have to go to school’ … it’s not negative,” Aiden’s mom, Ashely Kramer, told CBS Los Angeles. “All the bad stuff, and [to him] it’s still not negative.”

That hospital has become a second home for these little boys, and it’s incredible that through all the chemo and unpleasant procedures they’ve endured, they understand the pure joy that comes along with their friendship. While the rest of us associate hospitals with so much difficulty and negativity, these two just know it’s where they can play with their very best friend. And there’s nothing more amazing than that.

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