A 9-Year-Old Directed Her Mom’s Maternity Shoot and the Photos Are Honestly Stunning

Even with the dozens of ways you can filter and crop photos these days, it can still be struggle sometimes just to get a decent-looking shot of your lunch, amiright?

Which is why we’re completely in awe of Alexandra Elle’s maternity photo shoot that’s going viral this week. Not just because the photos are gorgeous, but also because they were all taken by her her 9-year-old daughter. (Yes, really.)

The photos, which Elle first shared on Twitter October 14, have already been retweeted over 7K times and have climbed to over 27K likes.

“My 9-year-old was my art director + maternity photographer today,” Elle wrote in the caption. “She told me I look like a butterfly goddess.”

Goddess, indeed. In fact, it’s pretty hard not to look at these shots and want to hire this little girl ASAP! From the stunning butterfly crown to the simple styling of the shoot, this little lady definitely captured her mom’s beauty, both inside and out.

If the name Alexandra Elle sounds familiar to you, that’s because the mom of (soon-to-be) two is the host of hey, girl, a podcast dedicated to one-on-one conversations with other women about their personal stories, as well as the author of Neon Soul, a personal book of poetry. She’s also amassed an Instagram following in the thousands, thanks to her positive daily affirmation posts about feeling confident in your own skin, finding your inner strength, and always striving to become your best self.

Her vulnerability and candor have been a huge part of her writing — as well as a huge part of what brings her readers back for more each day. That said, she does admit that she sets boundaries when it comes to what she shares.

“Vulnerability has created space for me to lean into my humanness and experiences without shame or guilt,” Elle recently told LiveFast Mag. “That alone creates my willingness to share certain things. Second, having boundaries keeps my sharing in check. A lot is kept private. The small amount that is shared is just enough.”

The photos taken by Elle’s daughter definitely seem to celebrate that very sense of vulnerability. And for the thousands of people who have come across the photos so far, most are pretty touched by the same thing: Just how awesome and beautiful the third trimester can be. Especially when it’s captured by a very talented 9-year-old.

“She wasn’t wrong, you do look like a butterfly goddess with a bit of princess and warrior mixed in!” one Twitter replied to Elle’s post. “Keep killing it!”

“Butterfly goddess giving Frida Kahlo vibes,” wrote another.

We wish Alexandra Elle the best with her new baby — and we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next work of art from her 9-year-old photographer extraordinaire!

h/t: Cosmopolitan

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