This Mom’s Epic Rant About Waiting in Line at Kohl’s Will Make You LOL

For everyone braving the long lines this holiday season, Michigan mom Amanda Bell has something that will make you laugh until you’re crying into your Kohl’s cash.

Bell, 33, posted a video to Facebook describing her struggle trying to make a return to Kohl’s after being stuck behind a “crazy lady” who just couldn’t accept that she would be losing her Kohl’s cash in her transaction.

The video is hilarious and so relatable, because when it comes to Kohl’s cash, the struggle is so very real. Either you have too much of it, you forget to use it, or you lose it all and mourn it, or you finally spend it only to earn like $100 more and then you’re just back to where you started.

But we don’t need me explain it all when we have the genius that is Bell’s video:

Bell, who is mom to Ava, 9, and Mason, 6, explains that the video rant came about after she had been returning one of the Christmas gifts she had purchased online about a week ago. “I shop at Kohls all the time, we love Kohls,” she gushes. “I shop for my whole family [there] and have already done lots of Christmas shopping there this year.”

And in this particular moment, Bell was just a mom standing in front of a Kohl’s cashier asking her to hurry up with the customer ahead of her.

“[It was] that moment when you know you don’t really have time to be doing this but you want to get your errands done before you have to get your kids from school,” Bell explains to Babble. “I was in a big hurry and the lady in front of me wasn’t! Sure enough, they had three people on this woman trying to figure out her Kohls cash.”

Bell says that she never could have predicted how far her video would go. After originally making the video on Snapchat, she put it up on her personal Facebook page on November 30, thinking her friends might “get a kick” out of it. One of her friends asked her to make the post public and the next thing you know, Bell had gone viral and even had to make her own Facebook fan page to keep up with demand.

At the time this post was published, the video had 718,000 views in three days.

And while Bell is busy making us all laugh, it turns out that making videos has been an outlet for the difficult emotions she has been faced with while going through a divorce after eight years of marriage.

Image Source: Amanda Bell
Image Source: Amanda Bell

“Life for me these last nine months has been overwhelming,” Bell explains. “Life is so hard sometimes and when you’re going through things such as a divorce they can also be very lonely. About nine months ago, I was sitting in my driveway in my mom van at about midnight … I sat there looking into the garage at my kids bikes and toys just in tears. My family was falling apart. Life was never going to be the same, and it seemed so hard to face. I got so stressed in that moment I made a video on my phone. I was so desperate for validation of my feelings I almost posted it on [Facebook]!”

Although Bell didn’t post her video that night, when she woke up the next morning, it was all she could think about. She thought that if she put the video up, she wouldn’t feel so alone. After getting ready for work, she hit “post” on her first ever video called #keepinitreal.

Image Source: Amanda Bell
Image Source: Amanda Bell

“The purpose of the video was to let people know that it’s OK to put yourself out there,” Bell explains. “We all need validation for our feelings and to know you are not alone in life’s struggles. I was surprised that people liked it. But most importantly, it was a way for me to let things out and feel better. Like a therapy session for myself.”

Bell says that she had a lot of fun making her Kohls cash video and that she is grateful for the opportunity to make so many people smile.

“I know what it feels like to be struggling in life, relationships, money, kids, you name it,” she says. “And to have that one person say the right thing you needed to hear that day, or a funny video to show up on your news feed to turn your day around. We ALL need that!”

Yes, we certainly do.

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