An Ode to the Fathers Who Raised Us

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Image Source: Thinkstock

Dads, we know moms get a lot of love, but you shouldn’t be left out just because you hand the phone off to mom so often. There is nobody who we can count on quite like you, dad, and here’s a thank you, on Father’s Day — and every day.

Thank you for doing our home repairs.

Yeah our husband does some too, but you really get into fixing our stuff. It’s pretty weird actually.

Thank you for picking us up anytime, anywhere.

From that unfortunate incident when we were 16 and stranded at that house party, to last week when our car was in the shop and we had to get back for preschool pickup, you’re always there. Like a cab, but free (except for the responsibility lecture).

Thank you for teaching us to catch a ball.

Because now we can teach our own kid. (That’s about all that skill ended up useful for, actually, but that’s OK.)

Thank you for caring enough to worry about us.

You don’t talk much about it, but whether you slip us a $20 bill or come by to check on our heating after we told you the house felt cold, we know you’re always looking out for us.

Thank you for passing along your good taste in music.

Whether it’s David Bowie, The Beatles, or 1940’s jazz, your taste in music influenced us like no other. (If only because we couldn’t listen to mom’s Beaches soundtrack a minute longer.)

Thank you for getting down on the floor and playing with our kids.

Where was this guy who plays Princess Fairy Kingdom when we were little, though? Oh, I guess you did that a couple of times with us, too.

Thank you for showing us what to look for in a husband.

So many similarities, but the most important is that our hubs is respectful and kind … exactly what you taught us we deserve.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads (and grandpas!) out there. Now go have a beer in peace.

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