An Open Letter to Dora the Explorer

Image Source:   Facebook
Image Source:  Facebook

Dear Dora,

I lived my life for too long unaware of the happiness that one little Spanish-speaking girl and her talking purple backpack could bring me. That is, until the day I reached the end of my rope and just needed a few minutes to myself. Exasperated, I turned on Nick Jr. and picked YOU for my 19-month-old daughter to watch.

What a choice I made.

As a newly single, full-time working mom of a baby girl, time to myself is rare. And I don’t mean time to myself to get a pedicure or go shopping, I mean time to myself to do the laundry, make lunch for the next day, or unload the dishwasher.

But when I put your show on TV, it completely changed my home. With just one episode (however, I will admit I’ve already taken to running mini-marathons via Amazon Prime), I can get practically my whole house clean, have dinner ready, and still have a few minutes to check Facebook on my phone.

My daughter is always in motion — she’s always got her hands into something or taking something apart. She throws things and enjoys making messes. But the moment you appear on TV is the rare moment I see that sweet, beautiful, blonde baby actually sit still.

I recently watched a bluebird sing a Spanish lullaby that put my daughter right to sleep. I certainly can’t sing Spanish lullabies, heck, I can barely sing an English lullaby. So I say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for having the bluebird on your show that day. And thank you for making naptime so easy. Thank you.

Sure, sometimes she calls me “Dora” instead of “mama.” I often have one of your many ritualistic songs stuck in my head. If my daughter ever sees any type of Dora toy when we’re at Target, she screams bloody murder until I put it in the shopping cart. And yes, sometimes when she gets excited she yells “¡Arriba!”

But I don’t mind any of that.

The minimal time I get to complete some necessary daily tasks, uninterrupted, is worth it. And it’s pretty great to know that a 20-minute cartoon will not only entertain my toddler, but educate her. With your help, she is learning basic preschool fundamentals — letters, numbers, shapes and colors. And I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll never need a Spanish tutor when she’s older.

So, again, I say: Thank you, Dora.

Thank you Backpack, and all the other utterly annoying characters on your show that I would never think twice about turning off. Thank you.

Image source: Jocelyn Kennedy
Image source: Jocelyn Kennedy

Keep up the good work!

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