This Is What Happens When a 3-Year-Old Packs His Own Lunch

A hilarious photo has been making the rounds on Reddit of a 3-year-old’s attempt at packing his own lunch and we’re not surprised at all by the results.

cheese balls lunch
Image source: Andy Rine

The post, which has garnered over 1,000 up-votes from Reddit users, shows an explosion of cheese balls pouring out of a lunch box (and the family couch).

Andy Rine, the dad who posted the photo explains to Babble how the whole thing went down with his son Adam:

“We were watching TV, when I heard his little sister Alice wake up from her nap. I went to get her out of her crib and while I was gone he went to the kitchen and grabbed a large container of cheese puffs his grandparents had given him in his Easter basket.”

Oof. This is the start of a very messy story. The cheese balls are Adam’s favorite — which he makes pretty clear to all who have seen this image. Rine continues, “When I returned to the room he told me, ‘Look, I put my lunch in my lunchbox!'”

Rine tells us that Adam is a funny kid and things like this happen all the time, but he definitely wasn’t thrilled to discover the cheese-filled mess. “I was a little frustrated because I was the only parent at home at the time, but we cleaned it up together and had a good laugh,” he says.

As any parent knows, incidents like this are just part of the game. The super relatable photo resonated with tons of Reddit users, and quickly the comments poured in:

“Reminds me of when my three year old sorted out her own breakfast of rice crispies, 95% of the box was on the living room floor,” wrote one user.

“That looks just like my couch ! Except mine was covered in goldfish and frozen toys,” wrote another.

“You never know what a 3-year-old is going to come up with next,” says Rine. We certainly can’t argue with that.

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