The New Apple Watch Is a Game-Changer for Pregnant Moms

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Remember the days when you’d glance down at your watch to check the time? Well, those days are long gone. With the creation of the Apple Watch, Apple has made our wrists capable of much more. While it’s cool that we can track how far we’ve run, make phone calls, and update our calendars, our mind was blown by yesterday’s update to the watch.

With watchOS2, the latest update to the product, the watch will be able to monitor both expectant mother’s and their unborn child’s heart rate from wherever, whenever. Why is this important? If you’ve had a high-risk pregnancy, then you’re familiar with how essential it is to monitor fetal heart rate.

The watch will be able to perform an NST (non-stress test), which monitors the fetal heart beat to make sure the baby is healthy and moving. It will even be able to distinguish between the mother’s heart rate and the baby’s, as well as having the capability to send the stats right over to your doctor.

Image source: Apple
Image source: Apple

Babble checked in with Dr. Daniel Roshan, a high-risk maternal fetal medicine doctor, to get the details on what this means for pregnant women and their doctors. He explained to us that NSTs are done very often in the third trimester of high-risk pregnancies. We can only imagine what a pain it must be to travel to your doctor’s office each time you need the 30-40 minute test done. Roshan agreed, telling us:

Apple is providing a new technology that patients [to] do this at home and transmit the info to their doctor. This is [an] unbelievable breakthrough. This will save a lot of patients and doctors time, [and] patients [can still] visit or speak to their doctors.”

Of course, with any new technology there are concerns to be addressed. He continued to explain to us that if a heart beat is abnormal, the doctor may not see it right away through the watch, which is an issue that must be addressed.

Overall, Apple’s new development will be advantageous to expectant parents and hopefully provide them with some extra comfort during what can be a stressful time.

Now we can check our baby’s heart rate, ask Siri endless questions, and shop on our watches. What’s next?

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