We’re Celebrating #7DaysOfGoodness with Stories That’ll Make Your Heart Happy Again


There’s no doubt that this election cycle has taken an emotional toll on all of us — and things have only gotten more intense since we all cast our votes Nov. 8. Our news feeds have been overrun with political posts and negative news stories, and scrolling through the comment threads can literally be anxiety-inducing.

People are angry. Hearts are heavy. As a country, we’re more divided than ever.

But it’s pretty clear we could all use a break from the noise. We could all use a laugh. And we could all use just a little bit more goodness.

With that in mind, we’re hitting the pause button here at Babble. For the next 7 days, we’re bringing you tons of feel-good stories that’ll brighten your day (or make you ugly cry at your desk — but in a good way).

If you’re looking for a quick escape in the middle of a stressful day raising kids, you can come to us.

If you want to avoid your crazy uncle, who’s been sharing fake news and writing angry political statuses nonstop on Facebook, you can come to us. (But also: Do yourself a favor and hide him from your timeline, stat.)

And if you honestly just want to hear a good story about good people doing good things, you can come to us.

Want to hear about a mom’s campaign to “Make America Kind” again? Right this way.

Want to watch an animated version of James Corden sing a catchy holiday song that’ll get stuck in your head all day? We’ve got that, too.

Want to read about how Ed Sheeran serenaded a 9-year-old fan in the hospital? Here you go. (But first: Tissues — GRAB THEM.)

We love sharing positive stories like these all the time; but for the next 7 days, we’re going to be sharing even more as part of Babble’s #7DaysOfGoodness.

Because the Internet is chock-full of enough turmoil right now. And because we know you’ve already got enough going on to make you sad/angry/stressed about the future.

And because honestly, we need a little break from it all, too.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve been working on.

— xo, Team Babble

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Article Posted 11 months Ago

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