This Baby Was Born on Christmas Day — Just Like His Mom

Kristin Zawacki with baby and husband
Image Source: Kristin Zawacki/ Facebook

Kristin Zawacki, 33, a loan officer from Bay City, MI, has never really liked having her birthday on Christmas.

“Growing up, I felt like I really didn’t have a birthday to myself, just that one special day everyone looks forward to,” she explains. “Instead, I had to share it with others who received presents, too.”

Despite her misgivings over a holiday birthday, when Zawacki found out that her son’s due date was on December 27, she never once considered that he might actually be born on Christmas, too.

As a well-prepared first-time mom, she knew that babies are rarely born on their due dates. She tells Babble that she was convinced that he would either come before or after Christmas. Because after all, what were the odds he would be born on her birthday?

As it would turn out, whatever the odds are, this is a family that beat them because little Tate Christopher Zawacki was born on Christmas Day — just like his mom.

The Christmas babe arrived at 8:16 am, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in his mother’s arms. (Kristin, for the record, wasn’t born until 4:49 pm on Christmas, so the little man has his mama beat for an early arrival at least!) Weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and 19 inches long, Tate’s holiday arrival shocked both Zawacki and her husband Eric, a 32-year-old sports official, and their families.

baby Tate Zawacki in Christmas blanket
Image Source: Kristin Zawacki/ Facebook

Zawacki relays that she first started having contractions two days before, on the evening of December 23, so she had even more reason to think her son would arrive before Christmas. Instead, her labor stretched on for over 36 hours. And Tate chose his birthday all on his own, with no inductions or interventions to help him arrive on his mom’s birthday.

“He wanted to give his mommy the best birthday present ever and make up for 32 years of her feeling like she was cheated on her birthday,” laughs Zawacki.

While Zawacki may have received the greatest gift of all time thanks to her baby boy, she also got some well-deserved presents, too. Her husband and mother-in-law surprised her with some gift cards and a new FitBit for her birthday (we’re sure she’ll rack up plenty of steps walking the baby around the house soon!). And the new mom shares that the hospital where she delivered Tate, McLaren Bay Region, treated the birthday boy and girl like “royalty.”

They gave us presents, a basket with tons of baby Christmas items, movie tickets for mom and dad, [and] a birthday cheesecake.”

McLaren Bay Region also featured the mother-son birthday duo on their Facebook page, noting the “special bond” that the two will have for life and extending their own congratulations. Baby Tate was actually the only baby in the hospital to be born on Christmas this year, so mom and baby have been enjoying all of the special attention that has come their way.

They are due to be discharged today after getting a clean bill of health, and Zawacki says she is looking forward to spending time together at home, even though the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over.

 Kristin Zawacki and baby
Image Source: Kristin Zawacki/ Facebook

Although Zawacki says that she sometimes felt a bit “cheated” for having to share her birthday with the biggest holiday of the year, she does admit that her family always made sure she felt extra special with a birthday cake. And she has no doubts that she and her husband will work to make Christmas a memorable day for their son, too.

“I think my son will like having a Christmas birthday because I will make sure his day will be special, as I know what it’s like to have a birthday on a holiday,” she says.

Happy birthday to both mother and son on their very special day!

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