5-Month-Old Baby Learns to Howl Like a Pro from the Family Dogs

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

In a 50-second clip uploaded to YouTube last week that has already racked in 1.2 million views and counting, we see what can only be described as an adorable battle of wills. When a sweet 5-month-old baby boy hears the family’s two dogs start howling, he can’t help but join in.

Larry Woods, the new dad and dog owner behind the dog-versus-baby-howling-competition video, explained in his YouTube caption:

“This is a video of our yellow lab and chocolate lab that constantly get into ‘howling battles’ over who is louder and more ridiculous. They do it so often that our son has decided to join in the war.”

For expectant parents and pet owners who are drawing near to the big day, this video is especially heartwarming. Bringing a baby home from the hospital for the first time is as much of an adjustment for a new parent as it is for a pet. In those first few weeks where all of your attention is devoted to your new baby, it’s only natural to question how the pet is handling it.

While there are definitely precautions to be taken when introducing a pet to a new baby — like changing your dog’s routine and setting boundaries before the baby comes — this “howl-off” gives a glimmer of hope to expectant parents who are losing sleep at night over the upcoming transition. With a little patience (and maybe a few bumps along the way), your fur baby and your new baby can get along just fine. If you’re lucky, they might even travel in the same pack.

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