Baby Proves Taylor Swift May Be the Answer to Our Prayers

Some days we are absolutely positive that our babies hate us. When the crying seems to never end and we’ve had a permanent headache for days, it seems like these tiny little “miracles” are hellbent on driving us crazy.

What did I do to deserve this?” we’ve asked ourselves time and again. 

“Haven’t I been a good person? I tried for months to conceive her, have given up my social life, my sex life, MY WINE, and my personal hygiene to keep her alive and happy on a daily basis … and for what?” 

We feel ya. But little did we know, there was a cure for it all. And she goes by the name of Taylor Swift.

In a video uploaded last month on YouTube by Erika Blank, little 6-month-old Rosie just can’t seem to get her act together. She’s hysterically crying (maybe it’s the bow that offends her so?) until someone in the room turns on Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” And just like that, all is well. (Seriously, the effect is instantaneous.)

The video is so cute it even captured the attention of Taylor herself, who tweeted:

So basically, the lesson to be learned here is that Taylor Swift doesn’t just mend our broken hearts, she literally saves the sanity of moms everywhere. Which is good news, since her good friend (and one of our favorites ever), Jaime King, just announced today that Taylor will be the godmother to her second child, arriving later this year:

Lucky for Jaime, her daughter won’t have to settle for the recording — she’ll get the real thing!

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