Babysitters Update Parents with Hilarious Photo Series — Win Internet

So normally when parents ask the babysitter to keep them updated on how their baby is faring, it goes something like this:

Parent: How are things going?

Babysitter: Great! We sang songs and now he’s having a bottle.

Parent: Has he pooped?

Babysitter: Not yet but fingers crossed! [Her fingers are not crossed, since who really wants to deal with that?]

But you get the idea.

What doesn’t normally happen? Said babysitter replies with elaborate Photoshopped images of herself and the baby being chased by dinosaurs, sharks, and UFOs. But yesterday, Reddit user ukalele uploaded this awesome series of photos where she and a male friend prove they are the world’s coolest babysitters.

The description says all you need to know: “We were asked to babysit our friends’ 6-month-old. Sent them these hourly updates.”

Click through the slideshow below to see the photos and see why Reddit user Fozzy420 says the baby has “all the emotional range of Kristen Stewart.” (They’ve got a point.)

All images courtesy of Reddit user ukalele.

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