12 Times We Were Unbearably Awkward at School

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

It’s that magical time of year when the world is brimming with possibilities for young ones. I remember the first day of school feeling like New Year’s Day … a fresh start and a chance to be someone completely different than the year before. Unfortunately, for most of us, it rarely turns out as great as we hoped. And sometimes, the first-day-of-school gods do not smile kindly on you and you end up with an embarrassing story (or two) instead.

In the spirit of back-to-school mortification, I rounded up some pretty great reader embarrassments that will make you glad your school days are behind you.

I’ll start us off with my own personal humiliation and we can go from there …

Clean up in aisle 3!

“First day of junior high. Metal lunch boxes were totally the thing. I thought I was super cool with mine, waltzing down the hall to my new locker like I owned the place. Along the way my lunchbox popped open and my glass iced tea bottle fell to the ground, shattering glass everywhere while onlookers pointed and I turned 50 shades of red in my tea-splattered shirt. Awesome.” — Lauren

But, why??

“The day before picture day I decided to run a lint roller back and forth over my lips. Woke up to head to school and realized I accidentally took layer after layer of my skin off! I looked like a clown for a couple weeks.” — Janelle

Well that’s one way to make an entrance.

“I rode my bike to daily doubles for volleyball (a week before my sophomore year of high school began) and my mom always made me wear my helmet, but I’d taken it off and hung it on the handle of my bike when I got within eyesight of the school — because duh helmets are not cool … I was riding passed the soccer field where all of the soccer players were also doing daily doubles  — without shirts on, and I rode passed as cute and poised as I could and just as I was in clear view of all of the soccer players, the strap from my helmet got caught in my front tire and I fumbled and crashed to the ground. When I looked up, hoping to God all the guys were too invested in their workout to see me, everyone had stopped what they were doing and were turned, looking at me. I remember it clear as day. A few of them shouted to see if I was alright.” — Nakalan

She literally danced her pants off.

“There was a back-to-school kick off assembly during my senior year of high school and our dance team (which I was on) did this hip hop dance wearing those snap off pants that were popular at the time. During the dance my pants snapped almost all the way off … in front of the entire school! Definitely an interesting way to start off the school year … ” — Allison

Yet another reason to avoid sandboxes.

“It was my first day of kindergarten and I was really excited because my mom bought me new tights to wear. I had never worn them before, so I thought it was a big deal. During recess, our teacher took us over to the playground where the bigger kids got to play and I was thrilled. The only problem? The “big” playground was far away from any bathrooms, so when I suddenly had to go as I played in the sandbox, I figured I would just squat and go. I forgot about the tights and ended up totally soaked. My aunt had to come pick me up early from school and I remember being so embarrassed!” — Ana

That could have gone better.

“First day of junior high. I thought all was going awesome. One of the best, until the end of the day. I was carrying an open can of cherry coke (full) and my lunch pail (because my book bag was too full to stuff it in). I couldn’t figure out which bus was mine at the front of the school, until I realized the one starting to leave was it. I tried to run, tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, spilling the pop all over me, breaking my lunch pail, and earning gashes on my knees and elbows that are still visible scars to this day. The bus stopped, as I was just a few feet away waving at it before I went down. I got on, soaked and bloody. I swear I could hear crickets as I got on, oh and the stares of both pity and amusement … most awkward bus ride ever.” — Jessica

Look out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.

“In 4th grade this ‘friend’ (not really a friend) made me and another girl get on our hands and knees at school and bark like we were dogs in order for her to give us her fruit rollup to split. Thankfully I found other real friends as the year went on.” — Katie

BRB dying of secondhand mortification.

“It was the first day of 6th grade and I had spent an inordinate amount of time picking out my first-day-of-school ensemble. My selection was a bodysuit with a sunflower print and white denim overall shorts, because — the 90s. This would’ve been a great choice had it not been for the fact that I had gotten my period for the first time over the summer and was still getting the hang of it. I ended up standing up from my desk for lunch and the girl behind me pointed out the telltale red spot on my white shorts. I was mortified. Luckily only a few people saw and I happened to have a sweatshirt to tie around my waist until the end of the day.” — Meagan

When nature calls … a bird is going to answer.

“It was the first week of high school and I was still getting used to the bigger campus and getting to classes on time. I was running late for math class and on the way from one building to the next I got pooped on by a bird! I had to walk in in front of my whole class and had to tell my teacher about the bird poop incident, but at least it was a nice free pass out of being tardy!” — Ally

Yeah, there’s no way to bounce back from that one.

“It was move-in day during my sophomore year of college, and I had a new roommate in the sorority I lived in. She was kind of quiet, so I kept trying to start up a conversation while we unpacked. As she set up picture frames on her desk, I noticed one of her and someone else with hair much like hers (dark and long) so I asked, ‘Oh, is that your sister?’ Her response was, ‘No. It’s my boyfriend.’ Awkward.” — Liz

At least you looked cute from the front?

“My first day as a 6th grader at a new school I wore the cutest outfit. A cute skirt with some tights and a sweater. In between classes, I stopped to use the bathroom. As I headed back to class, I noticed I was getting some funny looks and suddenly realized that I had been walking around with my skirt tucked inside the back of my tights since using the bathroom.” — Ashley

[insert mouth open emoji]

“My first week of high school I was so excited about all of my classes that I packed all of my textbooks in my backpack. I was walking downstairs to volleyball practice and talking to a boy I liked, I tripped and with the weight of all my textbooks, I rolled down the stairs in front of him and the whole football team heard. I ripped open my jeans and limped away to practice. Needless to say, things didn’t work out with the boy.” — Jamie

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