Baseball Stadium Opens Awesome New Nursing Suite for Moms

Ask any breastfeeding mom where the best place to nurse is and twenty bucks says she will not respond with, “a baseball stadium.” But maybe that’s about to change.

Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team in Ohio, has just opened up an on-site nursing suite unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Modeled after a real home, the suite offers moms a clean, comfortable sanctuary away from the game to not just breastfeed their babies, but refrigerate bottles, change diapers, and more. Equipped with rocking chairs, bottles, private bathrooms with changing tables, a kitchenette with refrigerator, and lockers to store items during the game, they’ve thought of everything. And lest you think that this room means moms are missing out on the action going on outside while dad has all the fun, there are also flat screen TVs broadcasting the game and toys for older children to play with while you take care of baby.

What inspired the team’s owners to create such an awesome place? Well, first of all they had the space. But mostly, fans had been asking for it. And when word traveled to Cincinnati Reds chief operating officer Phil Castellini, a father of five himself, that female fans were looking for a place to nurse during the game, he knew he had to do something about it — and a few chairs in the bathroom wasn’t going to cut it.

This hasn’t been the only recent advance for female Major League Baseball fans, though. New stadiums have doubled the number of women’s bathrooms (which, we can say from personal experience, makes a world of difference). But while we’re super excited to see such great changes taking place, we’d like to just put it out there that dads change diapers, too. We’d love to see a suite like this designed for all parents, so dads can just as easily (and comfortably) slip away to give their child a bottle or change their diaper mid-game. Maybe one day soon there will be, and wherever that is, we’ll be lining up with our baseball caps on and foam fingers in hand to root for the home team.

Image sources: Cincinnati Reds/Facebook

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