The Best Things About Having a Big Family (According to My 6 Kids)

Image Source: Dawn Meehan
Image Source: Dawn Meehan

I have six kids. (What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time.) And although my days are hectic, there’s a never-ending pile of laundry, and I don’t always remember my kids’ names, there are also many benefits to having a large family. I asked my kids (aged 9 – 20) to share the best things about being part of a big family. Here’s what they had to say:

LEXINGTON, 14: If you’re ever in the bathroom and you’re out of toilet paper, there’s someone to bring it to you.

SAVANNAH, 19: Every time you leave your phone lying around, you get it back filled with selfies of your siblings.

ME: Yeah, or with 200 pictures of your kids.

JACKSON, 17: Don’t leave your phone lying around, then.

BROOKLYN, 9: When I don’t finish my dinner, there’s always someone there to eat it.

JACKSON: You always get to finish your sister’s food.

LEXINGTON, 14: There’s always someone to help you with your math because mom sure can’t.

AUSTIN, 20: Speak for yourself.

SAVANNAH: There’s never any food and the house is always a mess because of the little kids.

ME: You’re supposed to think of benefits of being in a big family.

SAVANNAH: There are benefits?!

JACKSON: There’s always someone who puts your shoe in the guinea pig’s cage.

SAVANNAH: I wouldn’t have put your shoe in there if you hadn’t farted on me!

JACKSON: There’s always someone to fart on you.

ME: Benefits! Think of benefits! Benefits that have nothing to do with bodily functions, please.

JACKSON: There’s always someone to play hockey with you.

AUSTIN: We have our own hockey team! Except that Brooklyn plays like a wall.

ME: Hey! It’s good to be a wall if you’re a goalie.

AUSTIN: She wasn’t the goalie, Mom.

BROOKLYN: There’s always someone to make fun of you. Looking pointedly at Austin.

JACKSON: But there’s always someone to make sure no one else makes fun of you. It’s only acceptable for your siblings to tease you.

SAVANNAH: You have a built-in babysitter.

CLAYTON: You always have someone’s toothbrush to borrow.


ME: You don’t borrow toothbrushes!

CLAYTON: Brooklyn borrowed yours before, mom.

ME: What? Why? What? Why? … WHAT?!

BROOKLYN: What? I couldn’t find mine.

SAVANNAH: You can get group discounts.

AUSTIN: Oh yeah, remember that time we went to the Field Museum and it was cheaper to get a year-long family membership than paying for 8 of us for one day?

CLAYTON: Speaking of … there’s always someone who gets it when you start a story with, “Remember when … ”

AUSTIN: Like remember that time Brooklyn borrowed mom’s toothbrush?

ME: Please stop talking about that!

LEXINGTON: It’s like we have an entire store of hand-me-down clothes packed away.

JACKSON: Yeah, but it would be better if Austin and Savannah had better taste in clothes.

SAVANNAH: It’s not our fault mom bought dorky clothes for us when we were younger.

ME: Well, they weren’t dorky at the time. Can you think of anything else? Any other benefits to being in a large family?

BROOKLYN: There’s always someone else to blame things on.

JACKSON: But we’re all blaming Brooklyn for stealing your toothbrush.

ME: I give up.

So there you have it — the benefits of living in a large family. There is always plenty of teasing, laughs, and love. (But make sure you hide your toothbrush.)

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