7 Best Diaper Bags for Travel

Petunia Pickle Bottom: Wistful Weekender 1 of 7
Available in a number of beautiful organic cotton designs, this bag is one you'll keep using long after Baby is out of diapers. Lightweight and roomy, it allows you to stuff a few extra items in at the last minute. Just undo the bag's side snaps to expand its capacity!
DwellStudio: Weekender 2 of 7
This travel bag has room for both baby's clothes and all his diapering gear. Multiple interior pockets keep it from becoming a virtual black hole, while exterior pockets in the easy-to-clean canvas exterior make grabbing essentials a snap.
Okkatots: Travel Baby Depot Bag 3 of 7
This multi-functional backpack can stand open on a counter or hang open from the included hook. With a full "diaper station" area that holds 16 (!) diapers, removable wipes holder, changing pad, insulated pockets for bottles, and a laundry bag to separate the wet items from the dry, there's nothing this bag can't carry.
DwellStudio: Tote 4 of 7
This transportation-themed tote is ready to join in your travels. First of all, it's already got the right attitude. Second, its easy access opening makes everything within arms reach. The wipeable canvas exterior makes in-transit spills a cinch to clean quickly, and its multiple interior pockets keep things organized.
MiaBossi: Tobey 5 of 7
When there's no room to even put down a diaper bag (hello airplane bathrooms), the Tobey, worn around your waist, comes to the rescue. With your hands free, you can easily grab your necessities and get to business. Wipes? Tada! Grab it from the wipes pouch. Baby fussing? Shazam! Reach down for his bottle from the belt's bottle pouch. 5 hours left on the flight? Bummer, there's no pouch for that.
Skip*Hop: Pronto 6 of 7
The Skip*Hop Pronto is your best friend anywhere you'll have limited space. In the size of a small clutch, the Pronto has room for its own changing pad and wipes case, along with a number of diapers and cream. You'll still find room for any other items that are part of your diapering routine, and a handy outer zippered pocket can hold a slim wallet or anything else that you'd rather not leave at your seat.
Sugarbooger Organizing Pouches 7 of 7
If you really, really love the diaper bag you already have, there's no need for a separate bag for traveling. You can easily convert any diaper bag into an organized traveling companion with Sugarbooger's cotton and mesh pouches. Keep dirty items separated from clean ones, and your essentials separated from all those diapers. And then when you reach your destination, you can throw those handy pouches in the washing machine.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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