Big Sister Demands Mom Call the Elves to Put Brother on “Good” List

When the mom in this video stated that her baby was on the naughty list this year after a night of misbehaving, she probably didn’t expect her older daughter to go quite so hard to the mattresses for him. But oh, are we glad she did.

Rachel means business when she comes to the aid of her little brother — arguing that her mom simply must take him off the naughty list. When her mom informs her that she isn’t the one who decides (that’s the big guy’s domain) Rachel doesn’t miss a beat. (You just have to watch the video to see her solution to the problem. It’s all sorts of holiday-TGIF goodness!)

You know you have a good sister when she hardcore lobbies for you to be removed from Santa’s naughty list. But was it just in our families or would your older siblings have reacted to the news of you being on the naughty list with a shrug and a “more for me” attitude, too? Hmmph.

Video courtesy of YouTube

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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