This Hilarious Ad Campaign Proves Mom Really Does Know Best

Image Source: Mother New York
Image Source: Mother New York

If you live or work in New York City, you can’t walk more than a few feet without being bombarded by yet another subway ad or slogan-covered billboard. But this week, you might just catch a few that will stop you right in your tracks — and maybe even make you call your mother.

For that, you’ll have Mother New York to thank. The creative agency’s advice-themed campaign, #LoveMother, launched this week in honor of Mother’s Day, and so far, it’s warming the cold, dead hearts of New Yorkers from Manhattan to Brooklyn. (Just kidding; we’re not that bad, I swear.)

From bumper stickers to billboards to posters splashed across the sides of building walls, each ad drops a little dose of Mom-knows-best advice.

“Be the kind of person your online dating profile promises,” reads one, along with a photo of “Mom.”

“Follow your dreams. Just not the kind you had in puberty,” reads another.

It’s awesomely sassy. It’s unapologetically honest. It’s … well, it’s quintessentially mom, in all the right ways.

Image Source: Mother New York
Image Source: Mother New York

But if you’re thinking a brilliant copywriter was behind each and every spot of motherly advice, think again. As Mother New York’s co-founder Paul Malmstrom told Adweek, his creative team went straight to the sources when looking for inspiration: real moms, looking to impart real advice. And in most cases, that meant their own moms.

“There is a lot of talk about influencers these days, and I think our most influential people are the mothers, and our mothers,” Malmstrom explained to Adweek. “We wanted to have them give us an influential voice.”

So the agency created a survey, and had their employees send it out to 150 mothers or “mother figures” in their lives. And what they came up with was, quite clearly, comedy gold.

Image Source: Mother New York
Image Source: Mother New York

The agency has even been tweeting out a few of the more “sage” pieces of advice to its followers on Twitter.

Most of the mothers quoted in the campaign now say they feel proud to see their words and photos shared across New York for all to see — and learn from.

Take Alice McKittrick, mother of Charles McKittrick, Mother New York’s Head of Strategy:

“As a mother, the campaign makes me feel honored and valued,” she said. “[I’m] thrilled that my son works for an organization that taps into and celebrates his unique creative impulse and expression — it feels like a place where that motherly advice I mentioned of ‘do what makes your heart sing’ actually happens.”

I couldn’t agree more, Alice.

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