Wife Surprises Husband with Pregnancy Reveal in Blind Taste Test Challenge

Try as you might to resist, there’s nothing that warms the heart more than a good pregnancy announcement. This week’s big happy is brought to us by a YouTube vlogger’s wife, who delivered her big news by pulling a fast one on her husband.

Cory Williams, a popular Alaskan YouTuber who chronicles his real-life adventures, posted the adorable “Ultimate Baby Surprise” video to his channel a few days ago. In it, Corey is blind folded, thinking he’s just doing a simple blind taste test put together by his wife. That is, until she hands him baby food and surprises him with the news that she’s expecting! Already, the too-cute-for-words clip has gone viral with over a million views since it was uploaded on October 26.

Cory’s reaction when he finally figures out what is going on is priceless. And his caption on YouTube says it all:

“This is how my wife told me we’re having a baby. I can’t watch this video without crying. We’re so happy! We’re going to have a baby! Thank you all so much for the love and support!”

This sweet video is tugging at heartstrings as it makes its way through the Internet, but it’s not the first time a pregnancy announcement has gone viral this year — not even close. Following the big gender reveal push of 2013, creative pregnancy announcements were solidified as a growing trend in 2014 by The Huffington Post that has continued into this year as well. The maternity and birth photography biz is booming, and orchestrating an epic pregnancy announcement is just one more way for expecting couples to document their journey.

2015 has been a big year for breaking the pregnancy announcement mold. As if Kristen sharing her news by tricking Cory into eating baby food wasn’t cute enough, there’s also the crafty couple who turned their pregnancy announcement into a horror movie, the new mom who dropped the baby bomb on her husband in a photo booth, and even the cheeky couple whose nontraditional pregnancy announcement went viral on Reddit.

And that’s only in the past year. Parents are also making a whole new subcategory of viral pregnancy announcements by capturing the painfully honest reactions of toddlers (and the freak outs of grandparents) when they hear the big news for the first time.

The great thing about this new viral parenting trend is that new mommy-to-be’s can reveal the news whichever way they like. You can keep it nice and underwhelming, like I did by “formally” announcing my pregnancy to my husband as I made him wait outside the bathroom while I peed on a stick. Or, you can enjoy this trend for what it is — a fun way to make the frightening transition into parenthood a little easier.

Now you just have to think of a clever new way to punk your partner into receiving the biggest news of their life: We’re going to have a baby!

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