One Mom’s Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Fail Is Uniting All Of Us This Christmas

I think we can all relate to the holiday Hell on Earth known as the Elf on the Shelf — the little red menace who gleefully rules the lives of parents everywhere in the days and weeks leading up to December 25. We scour Pinterest and wrack our brains with creative and clever ways to hide the little beast so our kids can rush downstairs each morning and do the pee pee dance of joy when they find him. Well, that’s IF we remember to hide him in the first place …

One mom’s epic Elf on the Shelf fail is bringing moms together this Christmas in the most hilarious way possible, after she posted the epic story of how it all went down on Facebook Monday.

Brittany Mease, of Wylie, Texas appeared to have hit the jackpot with a brilliant #MomWin earlier this month when she told her kids that Elfis, their family Elf, had broken his leg by tripping over some toys they’d left out one day. They were subsequently informed that he needed to remain on bed rest for a good 14 days due to his injuries — doctor’s orders.

My first thought when reading this? Kudos, Brittany! That’s possibly the most gangster Elf strategy I’ve ever heard.

Mease was apparently impressed with her clever solution, too. “Mom win, right?” she wrote in her post. “I just got a free pass to not worry about moving that creepy guy for TWO WEEKS! Heck ya!”

Unfortunately though, her kids were quick to notice when Elfis’ 14 days of rest were up — and he still hadn’t moved.


Suddenly put on the spot, Mease had to think quick. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND, she apparently thought, before tossing Elfis into the oven with the intention of moving him later that day.

I mean … You can guess what happened next, right?

“They have been waiting for him to come back for a couple days, but life’s been a little crazy,” wrote Mease. “So … I forgot. I seriously forgot I put the freaking elf in the freaking oven.”

YEP. In a rush to preheat some pasta for her son Gray two days later, she forgot about Elfis’ temporary hiding spot and scorched his little red felt fabric butt to high heaven! Elfis’ serious injuries included decapitation and two melted feet.

Image Source: Brittany Mease/Facebook

Lucky for Mease, she had time to replace her Elf and her kids were only half-traumatized by Elfis’ disfigurement. According to Mease, Gray was heartbroken, but her daughter Ily found a silver lining to the whole thing, and admitted she was “glad the elf is gone because now he can’t tell on her.” (For the record, that kid and I would probably be friends.)

I think we can all agree that when it comes to Mease’s festive faux pas, none of us should throw stones. Whether you’ve shot out of bed at 3 AM after realizing that you’ve forgotten to hide him or if you’ve baked him like a holiday brie, we’re all in this Elf torture together. The good news is, it’s finally almost over. (Until next year, that is.)

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