Brothers Convince Their Sister That a Zombie Apocalypse Is Actually Happening

While everyone else was posting sweet photos with their siblings for #NationalSiblingDay, the Phillips brothers were preparing to pull the ultimate prank on their unsuspecting younger sister after her wisdom teeth surgery.

We’ve all seen tons of hilarious post-surgery videos, but this one truly takes the cake. After her surgery, Millicent was a bit vulnerable since her drugs hadn’t yet worn off. Her brothers took advantage of this window of time to convince her a zombie outbreak was taking over their city and they had to escape to Mexico.

From piling up the car with garden equipment for protection, to having her choose between their pet cat or dog (she exclaimed “the cat, you idiot!”), the brothers went to incredible lengths to convince Millicent the zombie apocalypse was truly happening.

Our favorite part? When they asked her to choose between chocolate cake mix or Funfetti. We would definitely agree with Millicent, “Funfetti if anything!”

If you have siblings, you’ll find this equally amazing and horrific.

Article Posted 1 year Ago

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