This Is the Best Response to “When Are You Going to Have a Baby?” We’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Carrie Jansen
Image source: Carrie Jansen

Carrie Jansen and her husband, Nic, have been married for three years — so naturally their family and friends have been harassing them about when they’re going to have a baby. Instead of feeling pressured or overwhelmed, they fought back with a hilarious “puppy announcement.”

Carrie told Babble:

“We get asked about (when we’re going to have kids) quite often, mostly by relatives. Aunts, mothers, grandmothers. Our friends will ask about it too, although they seem to be more understanding when we tell them we don’t want children at all. I don’t dare tell my grandmother or Nic’s grandmother that, I don’t want to give her a heart attack.”

We’re familiar with this cycle, starting with “why are you single?” to “when are you getting married?” ending with “when are you going to give us some grandkids?” It seems like a rite of passage throughout adulthood, especially for this young couple who met in high school and have been together for over eight years.

Image source: Carrie Jansen
Image source: Carrie Jansen

Jansen continued to vent,

We’re from rural Iowa so there’s a lot of tradition and old-school values that run through both our families, and it can be tough to be a woman who doesn’t want to have children in that kind of environment.

It seems that the longer we are together without any sign of procreation, the more nosy people become. I feel the pressure to have kids right now, because it seems that everyone that is our age around us is having babies. I can only imagine how the pressure will increase as I get older.”

Luckily for Carrie and Nic, they have a great sense of humor. Instead of feeling guilty for not jumping on the baby bandwagon, they decided to stage a birth announcement shoot. Only Carrie isn’t pregnant and hasn’t given birth — she’s a new mom to a precious golden retriever.

Image source: Carrie Jansen
Image source: Carrie Jansen

The new dog mom posted the image to imgur, where it received over 700K views and 1K comments. The comments had us parenting aficionados LOLing.

“Aww. Did you opt for in vitro furr-tilization?” wrote EricFromAccounts.

“I hear natural childborf can be pretty ruff, even with a puppydural,” commented 5volt.

While the Jansens didn’t take the faux announcement as far as sending it out as their holiday card (although Carrie admittedly wished she had thought of it), they did post it on Facebook with a hilarious caption. Carrie told us:

“I wanted a fun way to announce that we got a new puppy and my sister Becca and I thought it would be cute to do a mock pregnancy announcement. When I posted it to Facebook the caption read like a pregnancy announcement too. Along the lines of, ‘We are happy to announce that the Jansen family is growing by four paws! Leelu is 9 pounds and 3 ounces and she likes belly rubs and treats!'”

Image source: Carrie Jansen
Image source: Carrie Jansen

To be honest, we’d love to see our Facebook feeds flooded with pictures of puppies as cute as Leelu. This is the perfect way to put the brakes on all the baby talk.

So, Carrie, when is Leelu going to get a sister? Just kidding!

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