This Creative Mom Stages Weekly Baby Bump Photo Shoots to Celebrate Fourth Child

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

Last Thursday marked exactly three months until my baby’s due date, and mama bear is feeling large and in charge! I’ve learned the hard way that bending down is now a no-go. My body is currently living for Netflix and pasta on repeat. My son-to-be has also taken to camping on top of my bladder, which has made peeing feel like an Olympic sport.

Yep, this mom is in the throes of pregnancy (again!) and I’m looking for as much inspiration as possible as I reach the final stretch. Thankfully, I don’t have to look too far, because I’ve just found THE cutest baby bump pictures in existence, courtesy of blogger Charlotte Chatman.

This North Carolina mother of three has decided to welcome baby number four in a big way — while enlisting her three adorable kiddos to help her out!

Chatman is updating Instagram regularly with themed belly bump photos that will have even the grumpiest pregnant lady grinning with delight.

Some days, she’s comparing her baby to the size of a Target shopping receipt …

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

…while other days, she’s reworking the lyrics to songs by NSYNC.

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

With each post, this lovable mom is giving mad props to being pregnant while parenting multiple children.

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

Not to mention, she’s entertaining thousands of parents in the process!

“After four babies worth of bump pictures and birthdays and milestones, I had to start getting creative with it!” she tells Babble. “It’s so easy to forget to document your pregnancy after having other children. I’ve loved taking the time to celebrate our fourth baby with the same excitement that we did with our first.”

Chatman’s older kids love being involved in the weekly photo shoots, which usually center around a craft project they get to do together.

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

“We measure things around the house with a ruler and call out the letters as we spell them on the letterboard,” the mom says. “It’s really helped get them excited for their brother, and the whole process takes maybe an hour a week.”

When they’re ready to shoot, Chatman puts her camera on a self-timer and gets her kiddos to laugh by saying something silly. She also does her best to make the session go by quickly, since she has three squirmy models to contend with!

“We only take three shots, just to make sure they don’t get frustrated, and I edit and post the pictures during their naptime,” she explains.

Talk about some impressive mama multitasking!

Chatman’s Instagram account has always been devoted to sharing sweet updates about her growing family, and she’s been grateful to find other like-minded parents who support her desire to have multiple kids. She has also found a surprising amount of strength and confidence to help her stand by her decision to have a big family, no matter how others may feel about the matter.

“I am a huge advocate for all moms doing what’s best for their children,” she says. “Whether you have 1 child or 10, work outside of the home or work for your family, breastfeed or bottle-feed — we’re all mothers, and we all get lonely sometimes and need a community. I am just very humbled that I get to share my journey and that message with so many other families.”

Chatman has found that the most challenging part of having so many kids hasn’t been navigating the countless diapers or varying sleep schedules. It’s the moments when she encounters judgmental comments and stares while her family is out in public. However, by taking to social media to celebrate her kids and find humor in her experience, she has comforted and inspired tons of other mamas with multiples.

“People seem to be very opinionated about your family planning decisions once you have more than two children,” she tells Babble. “Now that we’re on our fourth pregnancy, I’ve learned to just embrace it. I’ve also gotten really good at witty comebacks over the last few years, which I love sharing on my page!”

Charlotte Chatman
Image Source: Charlotte Chatman

Baby Leif is due on September 7th, and his mom is totally ready to bring him into the world. Since Chatman has been around the pregnancy block a few times already, she’s trying to enjoy every moment and not rush a single thing.

“I remember being so anxious for the birth of my firstborn because it was this ‘great unknown,’ but now I’m in a really peaceful place, just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of waddling around, feeling huge, and peeing every five seconds,” she playfully says.

Once Leif arrives, Chatman and her Navy pilot hubby will be celebrating with a very special family tradition — they’re taking the kiddos on a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

“We are going to Disney World a few months after our fourth baby is born!” she tells Babble. “We take the kids every time we welcome a new sibling, and we tell them it’s a present from their new brother or sister.”

Doesn’t get any cuter than that. Congrats to Charlotte Chatman and her sweet family!

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