Chrissy Teigen Keeps It Real in Her Latest Tweets About Giving Birth

There’s no denying the Internet’s love for Chrissy Teigan is strong. The supermodel and Lip Sync Battle co-host gets pretty candid with fans on Instagram and Twitter, making her one of the most relatable and unfiltered celebs we have. (With the most honest facial expressions the world has ever seen.) And becoming a new mom this week hasn’t changed that one bit.

Since giving birth to her daughter, Luna Simone, Teigan’s been tweeting up a storm (and even sharing some adorable Instagram pics). And many of her new-mom tweets had had other moms nodding their heads in agreement — this mom included.

On recovering after child birth …

On what having a baby means for her Twitter game …

On all those new mom “surprises” …

On treating herself, because — hello — she just gave birth …

She’s also given us a sneak peek at little Luna Simone herself:

And it honestly brings my back to my own first week as a new mom. After having my first child, I remember coming home in so much pain. A pain that felt much worse than the actual child birth. Without getting too graphic, let’s just say that my daughter came out a little too quickly and destroyed a lot in her path. Much like Teigen, I went home in diapers and asked my doctor for extra Perineal Bottles.

I soon realized that both of those products are absolute must-haves after giving birth. So much so that it’s now one of my No. 1 tips for other new moms: grab as many diapers, bottles (for you, not the baby,) and ginormous pads that you can before you leave the hospital. You’ll be using them far more than you ever thought you would. Just when you thought you knew yourself well down there, the post-birth process gets you even more acquainted.

Because while pregnancy and giving birth are beautiful, natural things, there’s also a lot about them that doesn’t feel so beautiful or so natural. And thankfully, we have Chrissy Teigan to share that with the world.

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