This Puppy Family Reunion Is the Ultimate Happy Ending

Chrissy Teigen has had one hell of a year. After finding herself pregnant, she ended up on a kill list of an animal shelter in Georgia.

Oh wait. Sorry, no. Not that Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen the dog was inches away from a very unhappy ending when fate stepped in and gave her (and her pups) a second chance at life. Then, just a week after being rescued by the good people at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue in New York City, Chrissy gave birth to 10 beautiful little puppies.

At the time, the shelter put up a heartwarming video of the family nursing, running through the snow, playing together, and booping the camera with their adorable little dog noses.

You can see why those little cuties (and their mom) were quickly adopted into forever homes.

But their inspiring story doesn’t end there.

The owners recently came together to host a family reunion for the brothers and sisters — and it was all sorts of magical.

Image Source: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
Image Source: Hilary Benas

On May 15, in a dog park in Brooklyn, six of the 10 puppies were reunited for a day of fun, frolic, and lots and lots of photos.

One of those pups is little Ernie Clayton (below), whose proud parents are Jaimie and John Clayton of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Image Source: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
Ernie, center. Image Source: Hilary Benas

Jaimie tells Babble that the reunion was “so much fun to watch” and it was clear that there was an instant connection between the pups.

“You could absolutely tell they recognized each other and were happy to see each other immediately,” says Jaimie. “They were all comfortable with each other and rolling around playing. It was clearly different from when Ernie meets new dogs at the park and he’s shy at first.”

Image Source: Image Source: Hilary Benas
Image Source:
Image Source: Hilary Benas

When the Claytons decided to adopted a dog, they initially had their hearts set on an older rescue dog. When they met Chrissy, they fell in love. But alas, the “calm, sweet” mama pup was already spoken for — which is how they came to choose Ernie.

And in an incredible stroke of fate, the couple later discovered that Ernie actually lives right down the street from his sister Brooklyn! The Clayton’s dog walker was the one who made the happy discovery one day when Ernie ran right up to another dog on the street and started playing rambunctiously. Through talking with the owner, the dog walker put two-and-two together.

Now, Ernie and Brooklyn get together for regular playdates.

While there is nothing set in stone yet for a second reunion with mom Chrissy, Jaimie says that they “definitely” want to make it happen soon.

Talk about a happy ending.


Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a non-profit network of rescuers, fosters, and volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for dogs. Since 2011, they have found forever homes for over 1,500 dogs from very high kill, rural shelters in the southern U.S.

To learn more about animal adoption and find a shelter near you, click here.

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