This Beautiful Bride Stopped to Breastfeed Her Daughter During Her Own Wedding Ceremony

Christina Torino-Benton stood in front of family and friends to declare her love for her husband-to-be, her childhood crush, Danny. Midway through the ceremony, the beautiful bride heard her 9-month-old daughter, Gemma, starting to cry and said she looked at Danny and said, “It’s happening.” He nodded in agreement, her mother handed her the baby, and she sat down and began to breastfeed her.

“I made it work … I had to!” Torino-Benton said. “The people at my wedding were not surprised with me feeding Gemma mid-ceremony because I’m always feeding her at some point or another in front of them. […] Breastfeeding is so natural. It took me a while to become comfortable with nursing out in the open, but now it’s completely second nature and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

After the wedding she posted the photo, captured by her photographer Lana Nimmons, on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page knowing the group would understand and offer a nod of approval.

Not only did the Facebook page love it, it’s been shared hundreds of times online.

“I’m feeling nothing but positive vibes from the public response,” Christina said. “Everyone has been very encouraging and supportive.”

Public breastfeeding tends to be a controversial topic where anyone and everyone feels entitled to weigh in. Whatever side of the coin you land on, one thing is certain: when you become a mother, your child comes first — period. If you exclusively breastfeed your child, that means they come first even in the middle of your wedding. Torino-Benton is a perfect example of a mother’s dedication to her child.

Her photographer Nimmons said, “I am not surprised by the response; Christina is an amazing woman and mother. I am so happy everyone has been so incredibly supportive.” And while I have seen a few negative reactions, her story is exactly what we need more of: women advocating for women and people encouraging each other. I think sometimes we try so hard to voice our opinion and take a stand on a topic, we forget about the simple act of supporting someone else. You don’t have to agree with every decision a person makes to show kindness towards them.

When I look at her picture, all I see is a beaming bride who is full of love, surrounded by her family. And that is a beautiful thing.

h/t: HuffPost

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