This Dad Successfully Got His Church to Install a Changing Table in the Men’s Bathroom

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Changing a squirmy toddler’s poop is obviously one of the less glamorous aspects of parenting. Or a newborn, who may not squirm, but who pees into the air and poops up his back. But what makes this task 100 times worse is having to do it in public. And which bathrooms often don’t have changing tables? Yep, men’s. Well, writer of all things fatherhood Clint Edwards is celebrating what he calls a “small change” but a “serious victory” as his church recently installed a changing table in the men’s restroom.

Known for his real take on parenting via the blog No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog and successful book This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Edwards is a proud hands-on dad. He helps out with all aspects of parenting — the grocery shopping, the discipline, the homework, and the diaper changing.

But sometimes even when he wants to take on the arduous task of changing his toddler Aspen’s diaper, he can’t. Because he’s out in a public store or restaurant and the men’s bathroom has no changing table. This means he has to hand the job off to his wife. Or worse, change Aspen in the car or on a disgusting bathroom floor. In his Facebook post, Edwards writes, “I have serious empathy for those single dads with young children who are doing this without backup.”

Well guess what, world? The 1950s called. They want their archaic parenting rules back. Let’s get with the times, society, because dads change diapers in the 21st century. But they need a place that’s safe and clean. So at his church — another place previously ill-equipped for dads to change their kids’ diapers —Edwards writes, “I mentioned my frustration. I was that irritating dad who asked for change.” And his church delivered! As seen in the image attached to his Facebook post, the men’s bathroom now has a changing table installed.

He continues, “It’s one men’s room out of a million. But for me, as an active father with a desire to care for my child, it was a serious victory.”

Go Clint!

Other dads have helped pave the way for Edwards’ ability to take a stand on this issue. Famous dad blogger Doyin Richards of Daddy Doin’ Work has advocated tirelessly for changing tables to be installed in men’s restrooms, often posting a thumb-up picture on social media when he finds them. Plus, actor Ashton Kutcher launched a Change.org campaign to push businesses to include them. Even our former president Barack Obama got in on the trend, passing the Babies Act, which requires that both men’s and women’s restrooms in publicly accessible federal buildings contain baby changing tables.

And now another dad has used his voice to advocate for change. I might be all done changing diapers (yay!), but I am thrilled that new parents, or those still in the trenches, will have a better chance to safely change their babies. Now when parents ask each other, “what’s that smell?” either Mom OR Dad can deal with it!

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