5 Ways to Empower Your Kids to Change the World


One of my nephews, Ethan, used to talk to trees. In his tiny 3-year-old voice, he’d say “hello” when he walked by the weeping willows, and even stopped to pet their branches. He’d also freeze, totally captivated, every single time he saw an animal, or even just a bug. Walks took a looooong time with Ethan … but his perspective really changed the way we looked at the things on our path, too.

In the past few years, working for Club Penguin, I happen to know first-hand that Ethan’s love of nature is typical of a LOT of kids. Given the chance, they’ll take the steps to help make changes. Is it our responsibility to give them more opportunities to change the world? Absolutely.

So while we’re trying to help with homework, get to yoga, sneak flaxseed into chocolate cake, and take care of the other billion things we do every day, how do we further empower our kids to change the world? Here are 5 simple ways:

Make Home a Culture of Conservation 1 of 5
Growing a few veggies in your backyard (even herbs in pots if you’re short on space), is an easy (and tasty) way to show your child what the earth is capable of. These are from my garden this year.
Celebrate the Seasons — with Food! 2 of 5
Try incorporating seasonal ingredients in family meals when possible. It’s fun seeking offerings from a local market. offers tons of recipes sorted by season.

Photo via Club Penguin Recipe section
Get Involved with Citizen Science Projects 3 of 5
With your help, your child can be a scientist and contribute to environmental research! has some fun ideas for you to try.
Empower Them 4 of 5
This is a screenshot of Club Penguin on Earth Day when LOTS of players gathered to show their support.

Sometimes problems seem really big, and kids feel too small to help. Showing them examples of other kids who are making a difference might inspire them.
Be an Outdoor Adventurer 5 of 5
This photo was snapped by Club Penguin staff member Nick Clements. Though I wouldn’t recommend trying to find one of these creatures on a family stroll, try talking to your kids about the coolest animals you’ve ever seen or how many butterflies you spotted on a walk. You’ll help ignite a lifelong curiosity and respect for nature.

If your child is looking to be involved in even more community activities, or just to get inspired, check out Club Penguin’s Global Citizenship initiatives. Just this April, to help celebrate Earth Month and the Disneynature Bears movie, Club Penguin players were given a code to unlock a virtual Bear Costume. For every costume unlocked, $1 was donated (up to $50K USD) to National Parks. That month, over over 280,938 costumes were unlocked and the goal was met. The donation is helping kids to experience the outdoors in National Parks in the United States.

We’d love to hear your ideas about how to make kids better global citizens! Please leave your comments.

Deanna Kent-McDonald is the guest blogger for this post. Deanna’s the mom of some super-fabulously-amazing boys. She’s been writing for Disney Club Penguin for more than six years.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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