5-Year-Old Shares Shoe-Tying Hack, and Parents Everywhere Are Going Nuts

When it comes to the debate over how to correctly tie your shoes, people seem to fit into one of two camps: You’re either on team “bunny ears” or prefer the “one loop” method.

Well get ready to have your mind blown — because a 5-year-old named Colton is going to change your mind entirely.

The kindergartener has been going viral ever since his mom, Ashley Lillard, sent a video of him giving an informative shoe-tying tutorial to the Facebook page Love What Matters. And while she probably didn’t expect to see her son become Internet-famous overnight, that’s exactly what happened.

Since being shared on Monday, Colton’s video has earned a whopping 946K views, 10K likes, 19.7K shares, and 1.2K comments. (Yes, really!) The post has been overwhelmed with comments from other proud parents applauding Colton and his technique — with some even saying it’s helped their own kids learn to tie their shoes.

“Awesome! We did it!!” noted one happy parent. “My 5-year-old struggled so much and we have watched YouTube videos with no success. Watched this and did it right away!! He is so proud of himself!!”

In the video, Colton introduces himself  — “My name is Colton. I’m 5 and I have a loose tooth” — before laying out the steps of his technique (which he admits a classmate showed him).

First, he places the tip of his shoelace in the top shoelace hole to create a loop, and then repeats it on the other side. Then, he ties those loops together, crossing one over the other before pulling them tightly. He repeats the steps to create a double knot, then pulls the ends of the shoelaces out of the holes in which they were initially placed, and … Voila! Magic.

Our only regret is that this technique wasn’t around when we were learning to tie our own shoes. But bravo, Colton! You just did 5-year-olds (and parents everywhere) a major favor.

h/t: Huffington Post UK

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