Confused Baby Can’t Wrap His Head Around the Concept of Twins

The thing about twins is, they come in pairs. But when you’re still learning to walk/talk/feed yourself … that’s not something you’ve gotten around to learning quite yet. Unless you’re little Landon, who met his first set of twins in this video.

Stuck in a twins sandwich on a chair (don’t you just love how all three of them fit side by side?), Landon looks to his right and sees a crying baby girl who is clearly not loving that headband. While he tries to wrap his head around that, he looks to his left and has to do a double-take. And a triple-take. And a quadruple-take.

What we love about this is not just Landon’s adorably confused face, but the too-cool-for-this-party lady on the right who is all kinds of chill. We’ll take two of whatever she’s having!

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