10-Year-Old Sells All His Toys to Save the Dog Who Rescued Him During a Seizure

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Image Source: Jennifer Jayne

There are few things in life that are as sweet as the love between and a child and his pet. For instance, take the incredible story of 10-year-old Connor Jayne and his wonderful emotional support dog, Copper the Doberman, who are showing the world what true loves looks like.

Originally, the Jayne family adopted Copper as a puppy and family pet, but he soon became vital to Connor’s needs.

Connor has a medical condition that causes seizure-like reactions to high stress. He also suffers from PTSD and anxiety issues, which Copper picked up right away when the two first met.

“He was able to calm my son’s anxiety by pressing his body against his during an attack and calm him better than the meds could,” Jennifer Jayne, Connor’s mom, tells Babble.

Then one night, Copper sensed something different, and started barking incessantly near Connor’s bedroom door to alert the family.

Jennifer says that when she responded to the barking by checking on Connor, she saw that Connor could possibly be having a seizure, which was later confirmed.

Obviously Copper meant everything to the Jayne family — so later in 2017, when they noticed that Copper had a bit of a limp, they were concerned and took him to the vet. At the time, the vet told them it was a soft tissue tear and that Copper just needed some R&R.

Unfortunately, the limp got worse and the family learned that Copper, a Doberman breed, which is prone to certain health problems, was diagnosed with Wobbler’s disease — an incurable neurological condition that affects the spine.

That’s when Connor got to work.

“Connor knew we didn’t have the money for the treatment and testing so he wanted to help,” Jennifer shares with Babble. “He didn’t have control over what was going on and he offered to sell some toys. I told him that I could sell some of my stuff too if he wanted to host a garage sale.”

Connor took his mom at her word and put all of his toys up for sale — even his gaming system — all in an effort to help save his sweet friend. Jennifer says that Connor is a very giving kiddo, and for the last two years has asked his birthday guests to donate to organizations instead of buying him gifts.

Image Source: Jennifer Jayne

All of Connor’s efforts have paid off — literally. The family tells Babble that they have raised enough money to cover Copper’s testing, treatments, and surgery.

So, how is Copper feeling?

“Copper is about the same, with days of very limited mobility and other days with a minor limp,” says Jennifer. “His treatment, which includes laser therapy, ultrasound, massage and acupuncture, takes a little bit of time to show a difference. He will be having an MRI consult on July 10th and hopefully the MRI quickly after, so we can ensure we are doing everything we can to make him better and in less pain.”

What a sweet kid and wonderful dog. Here’s hoping that Copper gets well soon!

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