Blogger’s Important Reminder for Moms This School Year Is a Must-Read

Last year, when my oldest daughter headed off to kindergarten, I truly felt like we were prepared for that next big step in our lives. Her backpack was full with all the required school supplies, we had toured the classroom and met her teacher, and I (of course) had cried a significant amount of tears in private so I could attempt to hold it together when the time came to say goodbye. In short, it was the most prepared we had been for anything in years.

As I stood in the pick-up line that very first day surrounded by parents who spoke as though they had been standing in that line together for years, I realized how ill-prepared I was for this new world we had just entered. I knew no one. Somewhere in the last 6 years of raising three babies and being a stay-at-home-mom, I had somehow forgotten that I was supposed to be “growing my tribe” in between diaper rashes and growth spurts.

And now, as a viral Facebook post by Australian blogger Constance Hall proves, I’m not the only one. Through her post, Hall describes a situation that moms of school-aged children everywhere can relate to — standing in a school pick-up line, looking like a hot mess, and seeing that one mom who appears to have everything together all the time. Here’s the full run-down of what she had to say:

The most important lesson to come from this post is definitely, “Talk to the woman not about her.”

I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve tried to work up the courage to talk to a fellow mom, only to stop myself at the last second, assuming that because she looks picture-perfect we’d have nothing in common. Now I can’t help but wonder how many potentially amazing friendships I’ve missed out on because of it.

Hall reveals that she and the mom are now best friends. Their story is a poignant reminder that no matter how “put together” someone seems, we all have our own personal struggles. Maybe the first step in beginning to grow our tribe can be as simple as putting ourselves out there.

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