These Two Sisters Gave Birth to Daughters Only 20 Minutes Apart

It’s great to have a pregnancy buddy. Someone who totally gets it — the worries, the wonders, and the excitement! And for her to be your sister? That’s a truly special bond. Well, this is exactly what happened to Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan. Wait, there’s more! They also gave birth 20 minutes apart, on August 10. It’s quite the miraculous story.

image source: Corey Talbott
image source: Corey Talbott

Though these sisters always dreamed of having kids close in age, their pregnancies were unexpected. Both were having girls. And on top of all that, they were delivered by the same doctor within minutes. This is how it all went down one magical afternoon …

Katie was at the hospital in labor and was expecting her sister to arrive, camera in hand. Little did she know that Corey would arrive in labor and leave a new mamma too. That’s two ready-to-pop sisters and one doctor. The doctor flew back and forth between delivery room and OR (where Corey was getting a C-section), and delivered both healthy babies.

“My favorite movie has always been Father of the Bride [Part] II and I still can’t believe we got our very own version. I feel so shocked that this happened. How cool and an absolute miracle,” says Katie.

This was the perfect moment for these sisters, who are practically joined at the hip. They even coin themselves “sticky sisters,” as they always stick together. We hope their little ones will be just as close.

To see more adorable pictures of babies Indie and Ryatt, visit their Instagram

image source: Corey Talbott
image source: Corey Talbott
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